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Welcome to the Interactive Faramir Fic[edit]

This page will give you a quick overview of all you need to know to find you way around, comment on chapters, and write chapters of your own. Each section links to pages where you can find more information.
If you're looking for the answer to a specific question, you can also try the FAQs.

Reading the Story[edit]

To start reading the story from the beginning, click 'Start Reading' on the homepage to go to the first chapter. At the end of that chapter, and of each chapter after that, you'll find two options for what to do next. Click on either of those to continue reading.

Notice that links have different colours:

  • green links go to existing pages
  • red links go to pages that are still empty (if you click a red link, you'll automatically land on an editing screen where you're invited to enter content for that page)
  • blue links go to external pages

You can continue on this way until you meet a dead end where the existing chapters (green links) run out. Once you meet a dead end, you can simply use your browser's back button to go back a few chapters, and try a different route. Or, as we of course hope you might, click a red link to a yet non-existent chapter, and enter it yourself!

Finding Chapters[edit]

Besides navigating your way through from the beginning, there are several other ways to find a chapter.

New Chapters[edit]

The home page always lists the four most recent chapters, in the Latest News block. A list of the ten most recent chapters is available here.

Detail of the Overview Page

The Overview Page[edit]

The Overview page (links in the navigation menu, and at the bottom of each chapter) gives an overview of all existing chapters (green), plus all open options (red).
The chapters are arranged to show their relation to each other: by following the lines you can trace a path through the story.

Detail of a Path Page

Path Pages[edit]

Each chapter has its own path page (link at the end of the chapter). Path pages list the chapters that make up the particular story line leading to this chapter. They're very handy when you want to refresh your memory before reading a new chapter.

Other Options[edit]

You can browse chapters by character, location or author, and of course you can also search. For more information on any of these methods, see the FAQs.


If you've enjoyed a particular chapter, please let the author know by leaving a comment. Comments keep authors motivated and will inspire them to write more! Anyone can do this: you do not have to be a member or logged in to comment. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page to enter your comment or first read what other readers have said about that chapter on the 'talk' page.

Talk Page

All pages (not just the chapters, but all pages) have a Discussion or Talk page. Think of them as a blank piece of paper stapled to the back of a document. They are reserved for discussion about the page and is where comments entered in the forms end up. You get to a talk page by clicking on 'Discussion' at the top of the screen or following the links at the end of chapters.

Writing Chapters[edit]

Click on any of the red option links at the end of a chapter and you can add your own chapter. Again, anyone can do this, you do not need to be a member.

  • We have a few rules, such as a wordcount minimum and maximum limit. For more information on these guidelines, read Entering chapters.
  • It is possible to reserve a chapter so someone else won't post it while you're working on it. Read more on claiming.
  • For more information on the practical side of things, such as layout, read Help:Editing.

Also Nice to Know[edit]

  • There are lists of all recent changes and all new pages: see the links in the navigation menu. These are handy to check on a regular basis.
  • Everyone who visits these pages can also edit them. That sounds scary, but it's not that bad: all previous versions of pages are saved, and can be restored: see 'History' at the top of the page. Read more about wikiquette and vandalism.
  • If you sign up for an account, you can receive email notification of updates. Read more here.

Anything else? Read the FAQs or put your comments on the Talk page.