Boromir decides to let Tirion mete out the punishment and leaves the tent to join in the merrymaking

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Chapter 8: Consequences. *warning: spanking*[edit]

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“You can’t be serious,” Faramir stated desperately. It was bad enough that he had been caught a second time, but to be spanked in front of one of Boromir’s men… “Boromir, please.”

“Ah, but you should have thought of that before you decided to embarrass poor Tirion here!” Boromir said, clapping his man on the back.

The look in Tirion’s eyes did not resemble embarrassment to Faramir, as Boromir wrestled his younger brother down to the ground and started yanking his breeches down around his knees. It was more akin to some obscene hunger, and the idea of being put into such a situation in front of his brother’s lieutenant made Faramir struggle even harder.

“Refusal to obey a superior,” Tirion murmured, watching Faramir’s ass wriggle as the young man tried to escape.

“An extra five strokes it is then.” Boromir happily pronounced, before binding his little brother’s hands and placing a hard knee firmly on top of the small of Faramir’s back. “Any last words before the pronouncement is carried out, Captain?”

“Get off of me right now, Boromir or I swear I’ll make you regret it.” Faramir shouted, before an increase in pressure by his brother’s knee made him silent.

“You will, will you? Tirion, would you come over here for a moment please?” Boromir said sweetly, which made both other men in the room nervous.

Boromir replaced his knee with Tirion’s and smiled at the man on the floor. “Don’t worry Faramir; I’m sure that Tirion here will mete out whatever punishment he feels is necessary. Won’t you Tirion?”

Tirion tried to answer, but the site of Faramir’s bare bottom next to his thigh made his mouth a bit too dry for him talk at the moment.

“Well, the ale calls so I shall leave you to it Tirion. Try to not to go too easy on the little mite, he’s a lot tougher than he looks.” Boromir burped, then staggered off to join the rest of his men in their celebrations.

“It seems we both are in a rather interesting situation, would you not agree Captain?” Tirion purred, moving his hand to the bound man’s buttocks. They were warm, and soft just like that of a woman’s and Tirion could not help but squeeze them hard to feel the solid muscle there. A snarl from Faramir turned into a yelp as Tirion applied his knee each time that he began to struggle.

“Now, I believe I shall give you two choices and you have the freedom of picking either.” Tirion whispered into the ranger’s ear. “One, I spank you until your ass is the colour of your brother’s wine or two, we can enjoy each other this night without any great deal of pain. Though,” Tirion chuckled as he licked Faramir’s earlobe, “I cannot promise you that your bottom would not still be sore in the morning.”

“Pig!” Faramir gasped out, trying to move away from the lust driven man above him. “Don’t you dare touch me, or I’ll have your guts in a bowl.” A fierce slap to his rear made him bite back a howl as Tirion began to spank him in earnest. Hard smacks to his rear brought tears to his eyes and Faramir was hard pressed to not to beg for Tirion to cease.

“Enough!” Said a voice behind Tirion. “I believe that the Lord Faramir has had quite enough punishment for one night.”

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