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We have a word count guideline which says you should aim for a chapter of between 500 and 1500 words, because we feel this benefits the interactive nature of this story. Chapters (much) longer than 1500 words allow one author to take a thread too far into a particular direction, without other authors having any influence. This could alienate other authors; turn one thread into the exclusive domain of one person, and that is not what an Interactive Story should be about.

Still, sometimes an author needs (much) more than 1500 words to describe a particular twist in the plot. But thanks to the nature of wikis, this needn't be a problem.

Below you’ll find a list of such long chapters. In these chapters, you are allowed to enter a ‘breakaway’ option somewhere in the middle. By pasting in this code:

{{breakaway|Your breakaway option goes here|An option to match the rest of the chapter goes here}}

This will create two new options: the first to go to a brand new chapter, one you can enter by clicking on the newly created link, the second to continue reading the existing chapter.

If you enter such a breakaway option, please remove the code {{Long Chapter}} (you should find this at the bottom of the chapter, after the options). This will remove the notice box and eliminate the chapter from the ‘Long Chapters’ category.