Denethor banishes him from Gondor with immediate effect and Faramir is forced to leave

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Chapter 10: Banished[edit]

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"You are forthwith banished from the realm of Gondor!", Denethors voice boomed, causing shock to ripple through the warriors assembled outside the tent. Faramir opened his mouth, as though to protest, but was stopped by the deadly look on his fathers face.

"You have ten minutes to gather what belongings and food you deem necessary, and then you shall leave here and never return. I always knew you would come to ruin, though I could never convince your brother of it! Now go", Denethor dismissed with a wave of his hand, "Out of my sight". The punishment dispensed Denethor turned away from Faramir and laboriously dragged Boromir out of the tent.

"Bye-bye Fari!", Boromir giggled softly as he was dragged away, obviously too intoxicated to truly understand what was going on.

Faramir stood stock still, frozen in shock. None of the soldiers outside spoke, and the silence was the loudest thing that Faramir had ever heard. Soon the tension was too much, forcing Faramir to retreat back into his own mind so that he could do what had to be done. His hands mechanically began to fill his pack with necessities for travel. He strapped his weapons on, without so much as a thought on the matter. Faramir knew that if he stopped to think about what had happened, he wouldn't be able to force himself to start moving again.

Once his pack was full, Faramir took a deep breath and pushed aside the flap on the tent, determined to leave with as little fuss as possible. However, when he stepped outside Mablung was waiting for him. "What are you doing here? You have your orders".

"Captain...", the older man began hesitantly.

"You don't need to be so formal now Mablung, I'm not your captain anymore".

Malbung straightened his back and lifted his chin, "It's not right. You wouldn't have taken the horn of Gondor on your own".

Faramir bit his lower lip, "I thank you for your concern Malbung, but you needn't feel guilty. If it hadn't been this, it would have been something else. Besides, I'll be alright", Faramir added the last almost as an afterthought, looking into the surrounding forrest. A hand on his shoulder drew Faramirs attention back to the present.

"It isn't right", Malbung repeated, "To abandon you so. I don't want to do it".

"We haven't a choice", came Faramir's weary reply.

"We do", Malbung said, looking the younger man in the eye, "Just-- just say the word, and I'll come with you. It just doesn't feel right to let you leave like this-- to maybe never see you again...You just say the word Faramir, and we can go together".

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