Elrond tells Aragorn to seduce Faramir

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Elrond's Instruction[edit]

by Lexin

"When I examined him," Elrond said, "he said then that he did not find the idea of wedding a man he did not know enticing."

"Yes, I remember," Aragorn followed his foster-father as he led them away from the talan.

"One can see his point."

Neither spoke again until they reached Elrond's talan, then Aragorn said, "What do you mean?"

"Do I understand rightly that you spent your journey from Ithilien arguing?" Elrond sat down, and arranged his midnight robes neatly about him.

Aragorn dropped into a chair, "Yes. At least, if not arguing, there was little accord between us. I think he was suspicious of that letter from the start."

"I did say before you left Rivendell that you should be careful what lies you told."

"Yes, father, 'I told you so' is always most helpful. What should we do?"

"It is not so much what we should do, but what you need to do," said Elrond.


"Yes, Estel. You must persuade Faramir that he desires to wed you."

Aragorn coughed, "You cannot be serious! If we failed to appeal to the sense of honour which rules the house of Húrin, what hope is there? I am no seducer...look at me!"

Elrond did so, and then said, "There is nothing wrong with you, my son. At least, nothing that a bath and a change of clothes wouldn't cure. And a willingness to listen to him, and smile from time to time." He paused then said, "Do not be so reluctant to believe me: it worked on Arwen's mother, and we were happy. For a time."

Aragorn sighed. "Even if what you say is true, events so far have conspired against me. He trusts not the elves of Lórien, and one can see his point after Arwen's actions, and those of her pet idiots, Haldir and his brothers. Which reminds me: what have you done with her? And them?"

"Nothing that need concern you. She is safe, and they are on the other side of Lórien guarding the border with Mirkwood and in close proximity to quite enough orcs to keep them busy for some time to come."

"Is he safe from her?"

Elrond did not answer that.

After a long pause, Aragorn said, "You don't know where she is, do you?"

"I know where she was sent," replied Elrond. "But we have not heard from her escort."

Faramir heard a noise from the entrance to the talan, and looked up. Not exactly the last person he wanted to see: Aragorn, Thorongil or whatever today's name was, but definitely not the first. He said, "What?" aware of how churlish it sounded.

"I have...news...for you," said Aragorn.

"Not good news I take it?"

"Not exactly, no."

"Give me your bad news, then," said Faramir. He sat on the nearest chair.

Aragorn moved to sit on the bed. "We do not know where Arwen is. Only that she does not appear to be in Lórien."


"But we think she is alone."

"That is comforting. As I do not currently have a sword, I might just be able to take on one elven maiden," Faramir was aware of how sarcastic he sounded, and did not even attempt to regret it.

"My apologies for not explaining sooner; I am having a sword made for you, but it cannot be done instantly."

"Am I supposed to be grateful?"

"No. Though, I can take you to see it being made, if you like?"

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