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Chapter 11: Alone and Together[edit]

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Faramir stared at Mablung, a strange feeling of need swelling inside him. This man had been with him since the very beginning of his captaincy in Ithilien. He had stood by him when things had been the hardest and also in those rare moments of restful peace in between fights.

“You would be deserting your post, Mablung. You would be labelled a traitor, you understand that?” Faramir asked quietly.

Mablung lifted his head and looked his Captain in the eye. “I would rather be loyal to my captain than follow a man who would banish a faithful son.” He swallowed, wondering at his own audacity of making such a personal remark about Faramir’s family. “I have no family that would be dishonoured by my leaving, sir. I would rather serve my country with you than remain in Ithilien serving alone.”

Faramir almost flushed with the sincere praise, and closed his eyes against the unflinching loyalty he found in his ranger’s face. He nodded a quick sharp movement before turning away. “Gather your things then,” he said gruffly.

The pair of men wasted no time in leaving the area, and walked into the forest leaving their lives behind them.

All Faramir could think of was Boromir, and what would happen when he sobered up. Would he blame himself, go looking for them? A confrontation between the heir and the Steward was almost unavoidable but Faramir now wondered just how much influence Boromir truly had over their father. It was doubtful it would be enough; it almost never was when Denethor lashed out at his youngest.

There were so many loose ends that had been neglected to ravel up, Faramir thought to himself. Who would feed his horse, take care of his rangers? There were books he still wished to read, things he wanted to do in Minas Tirith that would most likely never be accomplished now. Swallowing hard, he glanced at Mablung and continued on.

Was there a purpose to Mablung joining him, Faramir wondered. If he had just condemned a man to a life of hardship and pain simply because Faramir himself hated being alone, then he would never forgive himself. That was one of the main questions now that circled in his mind. «Why did Mablung join him?»

He knew that several of the other rangers had been teasing the man about his infatuation with Faramir, but he had simply thought Mablung was just admiring him from afar. He had dealt with many new cadets and recruits that developed a great affection for their leaders. Many thought it was an all encompassing love, but after the first year or so the feelings would fade and they would simply follow him out of devotion to Gondor.

Was that the case now? Faramir gazed at Mablung as the man walked in front of him, absently noting the strong shoulders the easy grace in which Mablung walked. Was Mablung simply infatuated? But that could not be the case, for this had gone on for months. Biting his lip, Faramir began thinking of ways to broach the subject with his friend.

Mablung tried not to look behind him, but the feeling of his Captain’s eyes on his body was difficult to ignore. He had regretfully accepted that the Lord Faramir would never love him like Mablung did, but the feelings for he held had not faded in the slightest. Indeed, if anything they had intensified over the past few weeks.

Many mornings Mablung would wake to find himself covered in his own seed, while dreams of his Captain bending him over interfered with his scouting missions. He was surprised no one had called him to task over it, though he was very grateful. Explaining that he was thinking of being on his knees with the Steward’s son’s hands wrapped in his hair was not an excuse that his fellow rangers would have accepted.

Trying to discretely adjust his now tight breeches, Mablung continued on. It was a pity that they could never be together, but perhaps it was for the best. After all, Faramir would never want to be with another man; and one that wished to simply spread his legs and allow his superior to…a whimper made itself known in Mablung’s throat.

“Mablung?” Faramir asked, catching up to the man. “Are you alright?”

Mablung flushed and nodded quickly, avoiding the older man’s eyes. If the Valar had any mercy whatsoever, they would not let Faramir ask what was wrong.

Faramir frowned and caught Mablung’s chin in his hands before tilting it up so he could see into the ranger’s eyes. “Are you in pain?”

«More than you could ever imagine, lord.» Mablung thought while he shook his head ‘no’. Faramir’s fingers were rough and warm, just as he had imagined them to be.

Faramir stood there with his hand on Mablung’s face for a few moments before nodding and continuing on. Perhaps it was nothing, but he would ask again when they rested.

Mablung sighed softly and followed, trying to think of anything except how it felt to have his Captain’s hands on his flesh.

“Mablung, come quickly!” Faramir shouted suddenly, waving the man over.

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