Faramir grudgingly agrees to bunk with Legolas

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By Finnarien

"Very well, Sire." said Faramir courteously, though inwardly he was groaning. "I will gladly share a room with your son. I thank you for your hospitality."

"It is the least we can do, considering the circumstances in which you were brought here." said Thranduil, directing another stern frown at his blond-haired son, who stood with his head lowered and his hands behind his back like a scolded elfling.

"Legolas will show you where to go." continued Thranduil. "But first, Lord Faramir, I would have you answer a question. When my son came upon you, was he with a band of other elves or was he alone?"

From the corner of his eye, Faramir saw Legolas stiffen and look up at his father in dismay.

"He was alone, Sire." Faramir honestly. Legolas went a fiery red and looked at the floor again.

"Very well." Thranduil turned another look towards Legolas, and this time there was anger in it. "You may go for now. I will send for you later, little Greenleaf, for I think we have much to discuss."

"Yes, Ada." answered Legolas obediently, and led Faramir out of the room.

Conscious that he had just sealed Legolas's fate in someway, Faramir felt his dislike for the young elf begin to evaporate. He resolved to at least be civil to the young Prince of Mirkwood. It would probably make the night easier.

Legolas was polite and gracious as he showed Faramir the room and the wash room next door, but Faramir could tell that the prince was agitated and nervous. He was fidgety - something quite unheard of for an elf and he would lose himself in thoughts and forget he was not alone.

After several hours of uneasiness and several attempts at conversation, the door was opened by a tall elf with dark hair.

"Your father wishes to talk to you pen-netht ." he said quietly. "He is waiting for you in his study. Come."

Unhappily, Legolas got to his feet, his young eyes downcast and his cheeks rosy once more. It made him look oddly childlike, Faramir mused.

Faramir himself was just making himself comfy in a chair when he heard the dark-haired elf say to Legolas in Sindarin:

"Off on your own again, little one? You have been punished for that countless times before, you wild young elfling. I though you would have learned your lesson by now, but evidently not. I do not think you will sitting comfortably any time soon."

Evidently, the older elf said this with the belief that Faramir would not understand, but as a Ranger, the young human was fluent in Sindarin and he heard every word.

As he translated them in his mind, he was shocked. Did it mean what he thought it meant?

Unable to contain his curiousity, Faramir slipped into the corridor and discreetly followed the two elves down to Thranduil's study.

Outside the door, the older elf gave Legolas an affectionate hug, then a propelling pat in the direction of the door.

"Go and accept your punishment, little leaf." he said gently. "And your ada will forgive you." And with that, he walked away leaving Legolas alone and Faramir still hidden behind a tapestry.

Timidly, Legolas walked into the study and Faramir crept up the corridor to peep through a crack in the door.

Thranduil was sitting in a chair by the fire, regarding his son with fond exasperation. He gestured for Legolas to come across the room.

"You have quite a day, little one." he said simply, and Legolas blushed. "And I believe you know why you are here."

"Yes, Ada." Legolas replied, not raising his eyes from the floor. "I shamed you by kidnapping that human from Gondor."

"While I admit I am not overjoyed at your actions concerning Lord Faramir," said Thranduil wryly. "That is not why I called you here. You were rash and acted without thought, little one, but that can be forgiven. You know full well the reason for my displeasure, do you not?"

"Yes Ada. I went into the woods alone." confessed Legolas wretchedly. "But I came to no harm! I was careful - I always am! I can take care of myself!

Thranduil frowned sternly and raised a hand to cut Legolas's protests off.

"You deliberately disobeyed me, Legolas!" he scolded. "You are forbidden to go into the woods alone - as are the guards, as is any elf. The woods are dangerous, little headstrong, and you would not last long should you be attacked by spiders or orcs. You would be outnumbered and unable to get help. I will not have you needlessly risk your life! We have had this discussion before, greenleaf, and it did not get through to you. Perhaps having the lesson re-applied will help you remember the dangers next time."

From his hiding place, Faramir watched in shocked silence as Thranduil drew Legolas down over his lap and lowered his leggings. He jumped as the sound of a sharp spank echoed through the room and watched Legolas silently flinch as a red blotch appeared on his bare bottom.

Thranduil began to spank his son steadily, turning the skin of Legolas's bottom a bright red in no time. And as Legolas squirmed and whimpered, he continued to scold him.

"The rules are not made to be disregarded, especially by heedless little elflings up to no good!" he said sternly. "You could have DIED! You could have been captured. The rules are there to protect you! Do you not realise how much I love you, little leaf? Do you not realise how my heart would break if I lost you? You mean the world to me Legolas, and I will not have you endanger yourself in defiance, even if it means putting you over my knee every day for the rest of your life!"

"I'm sorry Ada!" Legolas whimpered, fighting back tears. His bottom was now a firey red. "I didn't think..."

"No, you didn't! And therein lies my problem." said Thranduil gently. "I would die if some harm befell you, my little one! Think before you act!"

Those loving words, coupled with the sound spanks Thranduil applied to the crease where his backside met his thighs sent Legolas into a frenzy of sobs; stammering out apologies and promising never to be so disobedient again.

With a long-suffering smile, Thranduil pulled his son's leggings back up and lifted him up so that he was sitting on his lap. Legolas immediately wrapped his arms around his father's neck and began to sob into his shoulder. Thranduil embraced him tightly and began to stroke his hair.

"Hush now, little one. It's over." he whispered softly. "You're forgiven little one. It's all right."

And outside the door, Faramir choked on his own sobs. He could hardly bear to stand and watch. Despite the chastisement he had just delivered, Thranduil's love for his son was so evident. It hurt Faramir beyond belief to know that he would never have such a love directed at him, and the tears began to roll down his face.

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