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Chapter 12 – Crossing the line[edit]

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Faramir shouted as he felt the earth crumble under him, before he could move he found himself sliding down a steep rock face. Unable to stop himself, he hit the bottom hard, landing on his twisting ankle.

Hearing Faramir’s shout, Mablung dropped his belongings, and found himself running towards where his beloved captain had just disappeared before he even had the time to think.


“It is alright Mablung,” called Faramir from the bottom of the steep ravine. He tried to stand up in order to climb out, but fell again, as his ankle gave way from the pain. “I am going to need some help getting out of here; I can not put any weight on my right foot.”

“I will have you out in a few minutes Sir,” replied Mablung as he hurried back to his discarded pack to grab the rope which he had thoughtfully brought with them.

He thought of nothing else as he secured one end of the rope to a tree and used the other to guide himself safely down to the bottom of the ravine; the man he loved was hurt, he had to get to him and look after him.

Reaching Faramir, he sighed with relief. “Thank the Valar you are not more seriously hurt, you slipped a long way. We will soon have you out of here and then we will have a look at that foot.”

“I landed awkwardly on my ankle,” explained Faramir. “But I think it is just sprained.”

“Put your arm around me Captain,” said Mablung helping the younger man up onto his good foot and placing an arm around his shoulders. “Lean on me as much as you need to, and do not worry, I can handle your weight.”

Faramir slipped one arm around Mablung’s waist and took hold of the rope with his free hand.

Together, the two men slowly hoisted themselves up the steep cliff, and it was only once they were safely up that Mablung took the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of the arm around his waist. He also could not help wishing that he, and not the steep climb, had been responsible for Faramir’s heavy breathing.

Setting the young man down against a tree stump, he tried his best to banish all of these thoughts from his mind as he set about seeing how bad Faramir’s injury was, the last thing the Captain needed was him lusting after him.

He removed Faramir’s boot with difficulty, finding the ankle very swollen. With a frown, he set to work making a paste from some of the herbs in his pack. “You are right Captain, it is only sprained, but it is quite a nasty one. If we were back in Henneth Annûn I would suggest that you rest it, at least for a few days.”

“I do not have such a luxury, we have to keep moving,” said Faramir sadly. Leaving behind his brother and beloved Ithilien was the hardest thing he had ever done, he would have given anything to rest for a while among his rangers. Not for the first time that day, he was glad that he had Mablung with him.

“I think you can possibly stop calling me captain now Mablung, after all, we no longer have ranks, we are just travellers,” he said, trying his hardest to smile.

“Of course Cap… Faramir,” replied Mablung, grinning at the slip. “Have you given any thought to where you want to travel to?”

“I am not really sure; you have travelled more than I. What do you think?” asked Faramir before becoming distracted by Mablung massaging the ointment onto his foot and ankle.

“Mmm… If I had known how good you are at foot massages, I would have taken advantage of it a long time ago.”

At that the Dúnedain smiled. He wanted to say that he was also good at back massages, and that Faramir could have one whenever he wanted, but knew that he would never be able to control his feelings if the offer was ever accepted.

“Well I am afraid the massage is over,” said Mablung giving the foot a final rub. “I think we should rest now for the night, and we can worry about how and where we are travelling to in the morning.” With that he went to organise the bed rolls so that they would be out of sight of the road.

A while later they had eaten, and were preparing to sleep for the night, having spent the evening looking after his captain, Mablung set about his last task of ensuring that Faramir would be as comfortable as possible as he slept.

It was a bitterly cold night and Faramir was trying desperately hard not to shiver, he was not used to being waited on, and so felt uncomfortable with Mablung helping him. He knew the ranger would fuss even more if he knew he was cold as well. Unfortunately he could not stop himself as a strong gust of wind blew through the trees above them.

“Faramir you are cold, take my cloak,” said a concerned Mablung, going to place the cloak around the young man’s shoulders.

“No Mablung, I will not have you freeze for my sake.”

“Then we will share it,” said Mablung, lying down next to him and wrapping his arms and the cloak around the other man, he was not going to take no for an answer. However he started to regret his decision instantly as the feel of holding Faramir so close caused his breaches to tighten once more. How was he going to survive the night?

The night was difficult, he had taken it upon himself to keep watch, but found himself being constantly distracted by the feel of the man there in his arms. He was too scared to sleep, for he could not risk another one of his lustful dreams with the object of his desire sleeping so near to him, but eventually his tiredness overcame him and he found himself struggling to keep his eyes open.

When dawn arrived he awoke to find that Faramir had turned to face him during the night, and he found himself studying every line and blemish on the man’s face. He could not help but admire his captain’s delicious looking lips and wonder just how sweet they would taste.

Before he knew what he was doing, he leant forward and pressed his lips against the soft pair in front of him.

Faramir’s eyes snapped open immediately, his expression one of complete shock.

“I… I am so… sorry Captain,” stammered Mablung, jumping up, horrified with his lapse in control, and terrified that Faramir would be disgusted with him. “I do not know what came over me. Please forgive me. It will not happen again. Please do not send me away.”

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