Faramir is confused from his headwound, and let's Imrahil hold him, touch him.....etc. ;)

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Chapter 5: A Lost Memory by becks15star

The wound in his head dulled the sudden anger, but not enough. He felt his consciousness fade into a bright white light.

Arms swung him around in a circle, the bright light blocking out the details, but his laugh was bright and full. It had been a long time since he'd laughed, since his mother's passing. But, here in his uncle's arms, he felt the love he'd been bereft of for many moons. The man's kindly face turned into focus.'

Awareness came not abruptly, but slowly. Someone held him in their arms. And the remembrance of the dream brought forth lost feelings.

“You took me in the summer after my mother's death?” his voice cracked from its abrupt use.


“I had forgotten.”

“It was a long time ago. Denethor made sure that my welcome was lessened after that. He contested your good spirits.”

“Why are you here now? Why tell me this now?”

“Dark times are here. I can not be sure of even the coming day, and you must know. I love you, as a father to a son, and sorrow fills my heart that I could not raise you. You must know this, even if you never wish to see me again.”

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