Faramir refuses and tells the stranger to speak in front of his men

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"No, you will tell me here.”

Faramir looked at the stranger, feeling somewhat disconcerted by the feelings of recognition he was experiencing. “Undoubtedly it concerns the attention of my lieutenants if it is this urgent” Faramir looked around as his men bar Mablung and Damrod withdrew to leave the four in a semi-private alcove.

The stranger looked somewhat surprised. He hadn’t expected Faramir to be so forthright, nor so commanding – but if he wants his lieutenants to hear this, then upon his own head be it.

“Fine, if you wish it.” The stranger said regaining some of that swagger he lost briefly. “My name is Halbarad; I am a ranger of the Dúnedain from the North and I bring news to you – pressing news.” Halbarad faltered slightly – he realised that he was going to get in quite a lot of trouble for this if he didn't do this properly.

“That’s all very well, but if you are going to falter so quickly after starting, then I doubt it’s so pressing” Mablung snapped. He immediately distrusted this Halbarad, although the reasons for this he hadn’t quite understood yet.
“Peace Mablung and let him speak.” Faramir was still trying to place the face properly – his first thoughts now seemed a bit off since the face gained a name. Halbarad seemed wrong as a name for the person he dreamt of, no it was someone else...

“Yes, well... Captain Faramir, your presence is required in the north – events have been put in motion that could have dire consequences for Gondor and the free lands of Middle Earth. Please, I cannot say any more until I can see you alone–”

“I told you to speak here and you will do so!” Faramir had finally lost patience. This on top of the last few weeks worrying about the scouting parties dealing with the increased orcs, the constant pressure put on him by himself to perform, to try and do something right in the eyes of his father- all of this was most definitely not what he needed right now – that face, who’s was it..?

If Halbarad was shocked or surprised by this outburst, he did not show it on his face. His face had not betrayed any new emotion except a hint of grim determination to complete his mission properly. Faramir calmed himself and looked at him hard.

“You say this news is pressing, and that I am required in the north because of it – and that the fate of the free world depends on it... well if that was so, then why not speak to my father and go through the proper processes?” Faramir was trying to glean more information while also seeing if he could get a raise out of Halbarad. The man had become impossible devoid of emotion. He sighed inwardly and continued.
“In fact, why don’t you go to my father? He has the power of Gondor under his command and a great wealth of knowledge that–”

“This is not something of military might or knowledge – this is something of magic, of prophesy and of the Valar – please understand that none but yourself and those entrusted with the messages can know of this, so many things depend on. I will be the first to admit that I have little understanding of what this all means, but Gandalf assures me that you will understand.”

“Gandalf! Why does this not surprise me? That wizard has long deemed himself forever right in whatever matters take his interest!” Damrod spat, taking everyone there by some surprise. It was unlike Damrod to speak in such a manner. Faramir tore his gaze from Halbarad quickly to stare incredulously at Damrod.

“While I have no idea why you dislike Gandalf so much, I have great faith in Gandalf and trust his judgement. Very well, if he believes that I must head towards the north, then I think this would be a wise course of action to follow.”

“Captain, you cannot be serious!" Damrod exclaimed "Apart from the obvious problem of Gandalf, you have your father to consider and his reaction to you just running off with this ranger from the north, and the fact you don’t know exactly where in the north you are going, not to mention your men and–” Damrod was furious. He greatly respected Faramir, but couldn’t understand the course of action he was intent on taking.

“Damrod! That is enough. I shall speak to you about this in due course.” Faramir was astonished by Damrod. He looked at Mablung who while still eyeing Halbarad, who was patiently waiting for Faramir to make a final decision, looked as shocked as Faramir was with Damrod. This obviously did not bode well for Faramir.

“Halbarad, it seems likely I shall go north, but understand I cannot relinquish my duties and my soldiers so easily. However, I shall need more information and since you seem so intent on telling me in private, then you can do that once I have spoken to Damrod. In the meantime, Mablung could you find our guest something to eat?”

Halbarad nodded his head and went to follow Mablung who had left with Faramir's orders. Damrod on the other hand still looked angry and Faramir was both confused and apprehensive.

“Damrod, could you please tell me what is going on with you?”

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