Faramir waits and approaches Klaas

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by --Lexin 16 July 2008

Quiet as a mouse, Faramir returned to the bed and lay down. He breathed deeply as if in sleep. Moments later the bed moved as Marek lay down beside him. He kept his eyes closed and his breath even. He felt Marek's finger as he ran it down the side of Faramir's face, and a moment later Marek's mouth on his. He opened his eyes ready to do his duty.

The city was quiet next day, the usual hubbub of Haradina muffled, it was as if no-one knew whether to celebrate or mourn – either could be disastrous. Faramir passed the guard which stood at the entrance to Klaas's compound and entered – it wasn't far, but Faramir still wondered how Klaas had obtained permission to live outside the palace. It wasn't like Marek to make keeping anyone under observation difficult for himself.

He remembered, as he waited for Klaas to arrive the scene from the throne room yesterday, Klaas pulling his scimitar from its sheath and the dull thud of the man's head as it hit the floor.

"You have a kind heart," Klaas spoke, and Faramir looked up. "Please, do not rise." He signalled to one of the servants to fetch coffee – the usual procedure between them.

"Is a kind heart a bad thing?" said Faramir.

"Here? Quite useless." Klaas sat. "Do not waste your pity on Timurlech, our late Vizier. He was quite repulsive, as too many of the slave boys of his estate could tell you."


"What brings you back to see me so soon? I have no correspondence for you."

"No, I didn't imagine there would be." Faramir collected his thoughts, "Nevertheless I have a question for you."

Klaas looked enquiring, "Then speak."

"Do you know of the 'silent ones'?"

"I...yes. How did you hear of them?"

"I would rather not say."

"I should imagine not. But there is little I can tell you – much of what I know is covered by the hand of discretion and it would be safer for me not to speak. Why?"

Now they came to it, and Faramir chose his words carefully, "You will have heard no doubt that I have a brother."

"Yes, I have gathered as much." Coffee had arrived and Klaas poured a cup for both of them.

"You will know also that he does not contact me," said Faramir and Klaas looked bland. "I believed that this was because he disagreed with my decision to accept Marek's suit. I am not now sure this is the case."

Klaas leaned back and frowned at Faramir. "Faramir, we are friends. I know this is not easy for you to believe, but it is so. And as your friend I warn you to keep out of this and just accept that you and your brother are sundered."

"I cannot," said Faramir. "Boromir and I were close when I was young and only slightly less so when we became grown. We shared everything. It was hard for me to believe that he could have turned from me and...I now believe that he did not."

"I beg you, Faramir. Heed my warning."

There was a silence while they both drank their coffee, hot and bittersweet. Finally Faramir said, "How come these silent ones know of it? Are they involved?"

Klaas gave a short laugh, "In Harad they are invisible and yet are involved in everything."

"Can you arrange an introduction to them for me?"

This time Klaas laughed out loud, "You ask a great deal from me, Faramir. But it may be so that I can."

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