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If you'd like to add an image to a page you can do so in different ways.

First of all, you can either store the image here or display an image stored elsewhere: local or external images.

Local Images[edit]

Acquiring an internal image[edit]

To use a local image, you can use either an existing image, or upload a new one.

For an overview of existing images, go to either Gallery of new files or the File list. You'll need the file name of the image you want to use.

If you want to upload a new file, go to Upload file.
Important: Only upload images files that are your own work or if you have the artist's written permission to use them. Do not upload screenshots or similar.

Using Local Images[edit]

There are several ways to include an internal image in a page.

The simplest is [[Image:fara.png]], which produces the image, full sized, aligned left:



If you have a larger image, you can use a thumbnail instead: [[Image:firefox.jpg|thumb]]. Thumbnails are be default aligned right, 180 pixels wide and framed. Just like a full-sized image, the thumbnail works as a link to the Image Page, where the full sized image can be viewed and commented.

The following additional commands can be used for either a full-sized or a thumb image, in any order:

Alternative or Caption text:
Alternative text, used when a mouse hovers over the image or when the image is not loaded in a text-only browser, as well as a caption for in the thumb frame. Enter caption or alternative text: [[Image:fara.png|thumb|This is the FaraWiki Logo]]

Enter the width in pixels: [[Image:fara.png|thumb|100px|This is the FaraWiki Logo]]

Enter left, right or center to change the default alignment: [[Image:fara.png|thumb|This is the FaraWiki Logo|100px|left]]

For full image syntax, see Help:Images and other uploaded files

Image Pages[edit]

Note that all internal images have an Image Page, with a Talk page attached which work just like the Talk pages of any other page. Users can add comments and thereby discuss the file. The Image Page also lists when and by whom the file has been uploaded.

You reach Image Pages either through Gallery of new files or the File list, or simply by clicking on an image you see inserted in any of the pages.

External Images[edit]

If you want to include an external images, simply enter the URL of the image into the page; no further mark-up like <img> required. External images can only be embedded in their original size. Use a table if you want to change their alignment.

Important: Again, only use images that are either yours or that are yours to use. Also, only link from locations that are either yours or yours to use (like for example your own webspace or your Photobucket account, or similar service), otherwise you are guilty of hotlinking.