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This is an interactive story, written by its readers. As you read the story, each page tells part of the story, and each page ends with two choices for what to do next. Click on one of the two links to read what happens next. When you reach the end of the part that the readers before you have written, you have the possibility to write the next chapter.

This interactive story is all about Faramir, that much is certain. The rest is up to you, the readers and writers. The story starts out in Ithilien, amongst the Rangers, but we hope our Faramir will soon come across many more interesting characters: Boromir and Denethor of course, but also Aragorn (Thorongil?), Mithrandir, various Rohirrim, Haradrim and other humans, hobbits, of course an array of elves (did I hear "elf orgy"?), and what to think of Saruman, Gollum, the Watcher in the Water, the Nazgûl, or even Sauron himself?

Be warned that the rating of this story goes up to NC-17, includes slash, incest, violence and non-consensual situations. Also be sure to take heed of the more specific warnings you pass along the way.
Adults only!

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June 2023 - And it's time for another update! Unfortunately, none of the special design features are working or many of the extentions... will have to fix that at some point...

1 September 2016 - Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.27. This is the first upgrade in quite some years, so we skipped a few versions. Be aware that not everything is working as it was just yet.

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