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Chapter 4: Riding with the Elves[edit]

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Faramir stared as his captor's hood slid away to reveal distinctly elven features. Or so he thought, never having seen an elf before.

“You’re an elf!” he gasped.

“And you’re a man,” the elf replied causitically, “and that -,” this pointing towards the horse Faramir lay across, “Is a horse. We are pleased to see you have not lost your senses.”

“But – but,” Faramir wished desperately he could see the fair creature closer but his position prevented him from doing so.

“My lord,” one of the riders from the ahead called out and Faramir was thrilled to note that was an elf too. All of them were elves!

“We must hasten, my lord,” the rider called out.

“Wait,” Faramir called after him, twisting his neck desperately, “Who are you? Where are you taking me?”

He would have almost fallen off he horse had not another rider reached out and grabbed him by the waistband of his pants. He stayed there clearly to ensure Faramir stayed where he was. The young captain didn’t bother trying to escape. He’d realised the knots were too tight for him to attempt escape.

“Who are you?” he asked the new rider and got no response.

They rode on quietly through wooded land, and while Faramir had discerned earlier that their route lay westward. Now they seemed to be following the river northwards. They would cross at Cair Andros he thought and then it struck him that perhaps they may not cross the river at all! Were they heading for the Northern lands?

He shivered slightly starting to get worried. It was beginning to darken now and they seemed to have ridden many miles.

When they neared a stream the party stopped for the horses to rest. The elf the others were addressing as their lord came up to Faramir and pulled him off the horse, holding him up as his ankles and wrists remained tied.

“Wh-,” Faramir tried tiredly.

“Don’t waste your breath on speech,” the elf told him coldly, “I will untie your ankles so you may stretch your legs a little. But if you try to escape… you will be brought down before you reach that tree there.”


“I told you, son of Denethor, do not waste so much time in speech!” the elf’s vice had suddenly gone cold and hard, and his grasp around Faramir’s arm tightened.

“You know who I am,” Faramir gasped, “Who are you? What is your name? And what do you want with me”

The elf pulled Faramir nearer and raked his eyes over the young Captain’s body, “What do *I* want from you? We will come to that little one. But let me assure you I always get what I want!”

With his free hand he cupped Faramir’s chin and raised his face, then he let the fingers trail down Faramir’s neck till they rested on the pulse that beat erratically at the base of his throat. Faramir froze.

“As to who I am,” here the elf sneered and pushed back his hood completely, “It shall probably mean little to you, but I am-“

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