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Chapter 7: Théodred's seductions[edit]

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Finding himself enfolded in the powerful arms of the intruder, Faramir tried to use his own strength to force himself free, but instead he ended up squirming like an eel trapped in a fishing net. “What is the meaning of this? Let me go!” he cried in a little too high of a voice. He struggled in the other’s embrace, but soon found himself flat on his back while the other pinned him down by the shoulders and provocatively ground his hips against Faramir’s groin. Wavy dark hair fell across noble features, and white teeth glinted in the dim light that slipped through the tent flap. The face was a familiar one—Théodred!

The figure above him moved again, and Faramir could feel a substantial erection poking lewdly against his hip. Théodred was wearing tight black leather riding breaches that creaked slightly each time he moved. Earlier Faramir had stared with a little too much hunger in his eye. The Rohirrim laughed when he at last had his quarry pinned and helpless. “Oh no young one, you are mine for the night. I won you fairly in a coin toss with Elladan and Elrohir.”

“Théodred! Why?” was all he could think to say.

“You can’t deny you want me.” The Rohirrim prince leaned down and placed a small kiss on Faramir’s lips. “You followed me around like a lovesick puppy the last time you visited. And the way you practically panted when Elladan and Elrohir massaged your wrists and legs; later they told me they were afraid you were ready to take off all your clothes and get on your hands and knees for them.” The Prince laughed aloud. “Admit it Faramir, you are a lustful little tease. So we decided to share you—to give you exactly what you want and enjoy ourselves at the same time. I have you tonight and Elrond’s sons will have you tomorrow.”

“No! I don’t want this,” Faramir again protested. Nevertheless, it was obvious he was did not speak the truth. He felt his own loins tingling and filling with blood when Théodred bought a leather-gloved hand down between his legs. Théodred chuckled and stroked.

“Shhhhh…” was all Théodred answered to Faramir’s halfhearted protests and thrashing that seemed to display more enthusiasm than effort to get away. He did not speak any words anymore, but only whimpered and sighed. He could not deny his desire for this man. He couldn’t even let his mind think on the shame of how the Prince and the sons of Elrond had evidently talked about him. Instead, he let another whimper pass his lips before parting them and letting Théodred's tongue plunge inside.

Théodred’s skilled fingers pulled loose the lacings of Faramir’r trousers. He pushed the fabric away and freed the rigid erection that made lie of any words of protest Faramir might still utter. The riding tunic was swiftly pulled over his head and tossed to the side.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” the Prince matter-of-factly asked. He chuckled again, one hand stoking Faramir’s fine tawny hair while the other deftly finished unclothing him. “Your brother tells me you often enjoy yourself with Mablung; he’s heard the two of you together at night. But I wonder if you’ve ever given your body to another man to use. You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you?”

Faramir thought back to those nights he spent with Mablung in the caves of Henneth Annûn where his patrol took up quarters in the wild. Mainly he and his second-in-command would use their hands to relieve each other, especially after an exhausting day patrolling, or when an unexpected orc battle left their blood heated and restless. There were a few nights however when they lay their bodies together in opposite directions and mutually pleasured one another with their mouths. Faramir fairly shuddered in pleasure remembering it.

Indeed remembering was one of Faramir’s worse traits. He was a daydreamer and would find escape in his fantasies at the most inopportune times much to his father and brother’s disgust. Fantasies about the future, other lands or even his own life took up so many of his thoughts. And if it was not fantasies, he would repeatedly mull over the past, remembering sometimes with regret, sometimes with pleasure things that had happened years eariler.

Even now, while one of the most desirable men he had ever seen moved seductively on top of him, leaining in, kissing him, running his tongue over his lips, his mind was somewhere else entirely.

A/N Minx mentioned in passing that Theo was a blond in the last chapter, but having been inspired by the dead corpse guy from the movie, i made him a darkbrown haired man. If this troubles you, be assured Theo has spent the last hours dying his hair.

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