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So- we've moved to a new host. Moving the main archive went smoothly enough (she says now... a superstitious person would touch wood at this point), but moving this wiki was a fair bit more troublesome, including this:

In moving the database, all the main text transferred beautifully, but all special characters in titles went funny. Théodred became Théodred, that sort of thing. And since many people type up their chapters (including their options, which become titles one chapter down the line) in word processors such as MS Word, with the replace-straight-quotes-by-curly-ones function on (curly quotes being special characters too), we had quite a number of funny looking titles.
And funny looking titles result in funny looking URLs result in broken links. So I renamed (or moved) those so they're back where they belong. Hope I got them all.

As a result, the pages at the top of the Most Recent Chapters list are not in fact the most recent chapters, but the naughty ones that needed changing.

If you spot any more pages that need moving, or any other problems let us know by commenting on the Talk page.