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I've tried to match the skin of the wiki to the new layout of the main site. There are still a lot of details to fix, so consider it a work in progress.
One thing that'll definately give a lot of trouble to fix, is anything wide. (Notice this is a fixed-width layout, i.e. displaying the same on different size screens.) Luckily we don't have a lot of wide content, except for the overview page, and that's perhaps ready for retirement anyway. The problem with wide content (i.e. the overview page) was fixed with a simple scroll.

If you don't like this layout at all, you can pick a different skin in your Preferences. That's under 'Personal tools' now, under the search box.

If you want comment on this, or anything else, that edit link is also under 'views' now, in the menu on the rightback at the top of the page.