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Chapter 11: The Nazgul

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Faramir felt the jolting sensation as though in a dream, still being under the influence of Tirion’s drugging. Somewhere he thought his mind was trying to tell him something. That he should wake up.

But he couldn’t. He felt so leaden and heavy and so very tired. He didn’t even realise it when his cloak was pulled off and he lay exposed and naked in the cold chilled air of the night.

But he did feel the strange feeling that suddenly developed.

….“I accept your offer, human.”….

Get away… get away… his mind screamed at him. He tried but he couldn’t move.

He struggled to open his eyes and gave out a soft gasp as he felt that sickening feeling he and his men were fast getting used to. A Nazgul!

He felt himself lifted, held gently… and yet that painful feeling remained, worse it strengthened… as though the Nazgul were close, very close….

“Open your eyes, human,” he heard and then realised why as he opened his eyes and found himself in the black cloaked arms of a black rider atop his black horse. The chill sped through him.

“No!” he screamed and tried to struggle, “Tirion, help!”

But the lieutenant was nowhere to be seen.

‘He has run,” the ringwraith hissed out softly, “He has run and left you with me… left you, a prize. Untouched, undefiled so pure….”

He was unclothed, Faramir realised with rising fear and despair as the cold fronds of the black cloak came to rest upon his naked stomach causing him to gasp. He lay on his back draped over the horse he now relaised, his front exposed entirely.

“You’re mine now,” he was told calmly.

“Nooo,” he moaned fearfully now for his plight was slowly beginning to sink in. He was naked, cold, unarmed, barely able to move sluggish arms and legs… and in the arms of a creature he had come over his few weeks in Ithilien to fear so much.

Cold hands touched him, still encased in black. They stroked circles on his flat belly and then slipped lower and lower, causing him to feel sick and giddy. They flitted in between his legs up the tender skin of his inner thighs.

Faramir gasped, unused to being touched in these parts.

“You will be quite enjoyable, I think,” came the soft voice, “Truly enjoyable. Will you scream I wonder, when you are taken for the first time? It shall hurt of course, and you are untouched…. But you shall be enjoyable to watch.”

Faramir squirmed, trying to will his limbs to move, even the slightest bit.

The hand moved up his chest now, stroking his nipples lightly, then squeezing them gently, very gently…until they were hard, and left Faramir panting softly.

“Ah, see you like that… you will like it, my little human.”

“There is so much I can do with you,” the Nazgul said and then suddenly his steed set off at a fast gallop, Faramir firmly held in his arms, “I wonder what I should start with?

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