No sound of any rescue reaches the teo brothers as they wrestle

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Chapter 6: In the Woods[edit]

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Faramir tried to fight, writhinga nd kicking angrily, his dismay at this strange turn of events growing by the minute, but with his hands tied and his smaller build it was not long before, he was lying winded and out of breath on his back, with Boromir’s hands holding his down above his head.

He tried once more to fight back, bucking his hips up but he was too tired now, and instead simply fell back, his chest heaving frantically as Boromir’s eyes bore down on him. His brother was clearly more than a little drunk just like his men.

“You lost,” his brother snorted and laughed, and suddenly he seemed to have reverted back to his old self.

“Let me go!” Faramir pleaded unhappily, “Please!”

“When your rangers, rescue you, dear brother, not before that!”

So saying he rose and pulled the younger man up. Faramir rose to his feet slowly, pursing his lips tight.

“Pouting won’t help you, brother mine,” Boromir laughed, “Come now, enough of these idiotic games. I will keep you here in this wood until your men arrive for you, and you musts it quietly there and do as I say!”

He dragged the younger man up and pushed him forward. Faramir tripped over a root and fell sprawling down unable to balance himself with his hands tied.

“Oops,” Boromir giggled.

Faramir glared up at him and winced as he sat up painfully. His knees and shoulder had taken the brunt of the impact as he’d tried to keep his head from hitting the ground.

Boromir watched without offering to help and Faramir found himself wondering again at the strange behaviour his brother was exhibiting.

“You’re my prisoner now,” Boromir said grinning, in a tone that Faramir couldn’t recognise but which sent the strangest feeling up his spine.

“Boromir,” he started but stopped wondering what he could say. He licked his lips nervously.

Boromir meanwhile had sat down on a fallen tree trunk and pulling out his knife began twiddling it.

“We need to talk, brother,” he said, “About you.”

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