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To read an RSS feed you need an RSS reader. (I use Thunderbird, the same program I use to read my email. If you don't use an email program, I'd recommend Sage, a Firefox extention, so you can read all your feeds right in your browser and don't need a separate program.)

Alternatively, you can get a free account at Bloglines or a similar service and read your collected feeds there.

If you have a LiveJournal Account, you can add one of these syndicated accounts to your friends, so the feed items will appear in your friends list.

Also available:

The feed for New Pages:

The feed for Recent Changes:

For email notification, you can signing up here. Then you can choose from a range of options for receiving email notifications: whenever a brand new page is created, when one of the pages on your 'watchlist' is changed, or even whenever any page is changed.