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Current Layout in Firefox 1.06

Note on the new skin:

I've tried to match up the layout of the wiki with the rest of the site. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of these pages, different browsers render them diffently, so special files to patch these differences have to be made for every version of every browser. So far, I hope I did ok for at least the most recent versions of Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape and IE -the browsers used by the bulk of visitors to this site (and the only ones I can reliably test from my current set-up...)
If you're running another browser, and your screen looks very different from the screenshot shown here (especially the menu and tabs tend to shift), it would be great if you could email a screenshot so that can be fixed.

If you don't like this layout, in your user preferences there are more skins to choose from, and all skins can be customized to fit your needs.