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  1. The person is someone else.‏‎ (10 categories)
  2. Someone from Gondor has arrived.‏‎ (9 categories)
  3. Denethor declares war on Rivendell.‏‎ (9 categories)
  4. It is someone delivering a message.‏‎ (8 categories)
  5. Faramir is saved just in time and Aragorn is one of the rescuers ... and after that cuddly h/c scenes happen:)‏‎ (7 categories)
  6. The voice belongs to Lord Denethor himself!‏‎ (7 categories)
  7. Denethor discovers what Faramir is holding.‏‎ (6 categories)
  8. It is Elrond’s voice. He will examine Faramir assisted by younger elves of your choice‏‎ (6 categories)
  9. Aran declares him suitable and they leave‏‎ (6 categories)
  10. Faramir is not saved in time‏‎ (6 categories)
  11. Aran wants to test Faramir some more‏‎ (6 categories)
  12. Boromir spanks Faramir himself (Tirion may or may not be present)‏‎ (6 categories)
  13. Someone from Harad has arrived.‏‎ (6 categories)
  14. They continue on to Lorien‏‎ (6 categories)
  15. Denethor orders a public flogging in front of all of Boromir’s men‏‎ (6 categories)
  16. It is one of Marek’s associates.‏‎ (6 categories)
  17. The nazgul takes Faramir to the witch king‏‎ (6 categories)
  18. Boromir begins to suspect Tirion.‏‎ (6 categories)
  19. Faramir is indeed poisoned and therefore has a fever‏‎ (6 categories)
  20. It is the Rohirrim looking for horse thieves, and Grima Woemtongue rides with them‏‎ (6 categories)
  21. The assult is prevented‏‎ (6 categories)
  22. The person is either Galadriel or Arwen‏‎ (6 categories)
  23. Thorongil being injured can’t help Faramir‏‎ (6 categories)
  24. Faramir refuses‏‎ (5 categories)
  25. Thranduil has arranged this‏‎ (5 categories)
  26. Let stick around the King’s halls to observe the wacky goings on of the Thranduilions.‏‎ (5 categories)
  27. The man is Imrahil, whom Faramir has not met since childhood.‏‎ (5 categories)
  28. Back in Lorien, Aragorn seeks out Faramir who is nowhere to be found.‏‎ (5 categories)
  29. The seduction continues and Faramir is de-virginized. ;)‏‎ (5 categories)
  30. They make it out of the camp‏‎ (5 categories)
  31. Whatever Aragorn has to say has to do with / results in Faramir leaving for Harad.‏‎ (5 categories)
  32. They meet with Elladan, Elrohir and the Rohirrim envoy (I vote for Theodred)‏‎ (5 categories)
  33. Aragorn is very serious indeed!‏‎ (5 categories)
  34. Faramir agrees to the proposal‏‎ (5 categories)
  35. Faramir makes it to the Steward's suite just in time to throw himself between his brother and his father and prevent a family tragedy‏‎ (5 categories)
  36. Faramir turns down the proposal‏‎ (5 categories)
  37. The worse news is that Denethor will reach Lórien in time for the wedding‏‎ (5 categories)
  38. Aragorn just used this as a diplomatic way to turn down Marek’s proposal and gain his respect.‏‎ (5 categories)
  39. Faramir arranges Imrahil's 'escape'‏‎ (5 categories)
  40. Not wanting to get drunk Faramir returns to his talan‏‎ (5 categories)
  41. Yes Faramir will wed Aragorn‏‎ (5 categories)
  42. Boromir makes love to a reluctant Faramir‏‎ (4 categories)
  43. Faramir has no choice but to call off his men before they are killed. He is captured by the attacker‏‎ (4 categories)
  44. Gandalf lets Faramir meet Saruman - in Orthanc or Rivendell, you decide‏‎ (4 categories)
  45. It is Strider, with or without his companions.‏‎ (4 categories)
  46. Theodred is put off by the drugging and convinces the twins not to do anything until it wears off, but remember Faramir is still under the influence of the drug and it’s still his first time‏‎ (4 categories)
  47. Boromir returns to his lover's bed during the night, and Faramir gets to witness some hot lovin' before he is noticed‏‎ (4 categories)
  48. FLASHBACK Faramir is indeed no virgin. He recalls the (sordid) incestuous sex he experienced at a very young age.‏‎ (4 categories)
  49. Faramir is outraged and punishes Imrahil‏‎ (4 categories)
  50. It is a messenger from Minas Tirith, bringing news of Faramir's death at the hands of Orcs.‏‎ (4 categories)

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