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  1. The person is someone else.‏‎ (10 categories)
  2. Someone from Gondor has arrived.‏‎ (9 categories)
  3. Denethor declares war on Rivendell.‏‎ (9 categories)
  4. It is someone delivering a message.‏‎ (8 categories)
  5. The voice belongs to Lord Denethor himself!‏‎ (7 categories)
  6. Faramir is saved just in time and Aragorn is one of the rescuers ... and after that cuddly h/c scenes happen:)‏‎ (7 categories)
  7. Denethor discovers what Faramir is holding.‏‎ (6 categories)
  8. They continue on to Lorien‏‎ (6 categories)
  9. Thorongil being injured can’t help Faramir‏‎ (6 categories)
  10. Aran wants to test Faramir some more‏‎ (6 categories)
  11. Denethor orders a public flogging in front of all of Boromir’s men‏‎ (6 categories)
  12. It is one of Marek’s associates.‏‎ (6 categories)
  13. The person is either Galadriel or Arwen‏‎ (6 categories)
  14. Faramir is indeed poisoned and therefore has a fever‏‎ (6 categories)
  15. Someone from Harad has arrived.‏‎ (6 categories)
  16. The nazgul takes Faramir to the witch king‏‎ (6 categories)
  17. Aran declares him suitable and they leave‏‎ (6 categories)
  18. Boromir begins to suspect Tirion.‏‎ (6 categories)
  19. Faramir is not saved in time‏‎ (6 categories)
  20. The assult is prevented‏‎ (6 categories)
  21. Boromir spanks Faramir himself (Tirion may or may not be present)‏‎ (6 categories)
  22. It is the Rohirrim looking for horse thieves, and Grima Woemtongue rides with them‏‎ (6 categories)
  23. It is Elrond’s voice. He will examine Faramir assisted by younger elves of your choice‏‎ (6 categories)
  24. Faramir agrees to the proposal‏‎ (5 categories)
  25. Not wanting to get drunk Faramir returns to his talan‏‎ (5 categories)
  26. Whatever Aragorn has to say has to do with / results in Faramir leaving for Harad.‏‎ (5 categories)
  27. The seduction continues and Faramir is de-virginized. ;)‏‎ (5 categories)
  28. Faramir arranges Imrahil's 'escape'‏‎ (5 categories)
  29. The man is Imrahil, whom Faramir has not met since childhood.‏‎ (5 categories)
  30. Thranduil has arranged this‏‎ (5 categories)
  31. Faramir turns down the proposal‏‎ (5 categories)
  32. Back in Lorien, Aragorn seeks out Faramir who is nowhere to be found.‏‎ (5 categories)
  33. The worse news is that Denethor will reach Lórien in time for the wedding‏‎ (5 categories)
  34. Let stick around the King’s halls to observe the wacky goings on of the Thranduilions.‏‎ (5 categories)
  35. They make it out of the camp‏‎ (5 categories)
  36. Aragorn just used this as a diplomatic way to turn down Marek’s proposal and gain his respect.‏‎ (5 categories)
  37. Faramir refuses‏‎ (5 categories)
  38. Yes Faramir will wed Aragorn‏‎ (5 categories)
  39. They meet with Elladan, Elrohir and the Rohirrim envoy (I vote for Theodred)‏‎ (5 categories)
  40. Aragorn is very serious indeed!‏‎ (5 categories)
  41. Faramir makes it to the Steward's suite just in time to throw himself between his brother and his father and prevent a family tragedy‏‎ (5 categories)
  42. Faramir has no choice but to call off his men before they are killed. He is captured by the attacker‏‎ (4 categories)
  43. After a bite to his nipple to get his attention , Faramir is able to focus on Théodred seductions.‏‎ (4 categories)
  44. Boromir returns to his lover's bed during the night, and Faramir gets to witness some hot lovin' before he is noticed‏‎ (4 categories)
  45. It is Strider, with or without his companions.‏‎ (4 categories)
  46. Chapter 1: A Stranger in the Woods‏‎ (4 categories)
  47. FLASHBACK Faramir is indeed no virgin. He recalls the (sordid) incestuous sex he experienced at a very young age.‏‎ (4 categories)
  48. It is Celeborn. He will examine him but others will watch (perhaps Galadriel.. or Gandalf...)‏‎ (4 categories)
  49. It is a messenger from Minas Tirith, bringing news of Faramir's death at the hands of Orcs.‏‎ (4 categories)
  50. Faramir says: "No, I think Damrod's right. Get twenty men together tomorrow and bring him in."‏‎ (4 categories)

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