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List of non-existing pages with the most links to them, excluding pages which only have redirects linking to them. For a list of non-existent pages that have redirects linking to them, see the list of broken redirects.

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  1. Faramir and Aragorn have sex‏‎ (4 links)
  2. Faramir takes Imrahil to Denethor‏‎ (4 links)
  3. Elrond‏‎ (4 links)
  4. Your second option goes here‏‎ (3 links)
  5. Faramir goes back in to Thranduil‏‎ (3 links)
  6. Grima does not explain his absense, ignores any pleas Faramir has to tell him what is going on, and proceeds to play with the young man. (Interpret as you like.)‏‎ (3 links)
  7. Someone comes into the clearing, either having heard the romp or by accident.‏‎ (3 links)
  8. Theodred claims his turn first and then a wild foursome ensues‏‎ (3 links)
  9. Someone or ones finds out and consequences ensue...‏‎ (3 links)
  10. Boromir ignores Faramir's words.‏‎ (3 links)
  11. Faramir wakes with the ring gone and Saruman nowhere to be found.‏‎ (3 links)
  12. Marek does consummate the bond publicly‏‎ (3 links)
  13. The elven brothers and Faramir continue their night of passion.‏‎ (3 links)
  14. Damrod refuses to speak of his problems, so Faramir goes to get more information from Halbarad‏‎ (3 links)
  15. Thorongil tells Faramir of the prophecy‏‎ (3 links)
  16. Aragorn leaves Faramir in the hands of the Rohirrim‏‎ (3 links)
  17. Faramir's training continues. Boromir arrives, escorted by Dorlion‏‎ (3 links)
  18. Faramir loves Aragorn‏‎ (3 links)
  19. It is Aragorn, and the sweet reality continues .‏‎ (3 links)
  20. They make it back to the talan undiscovered, leaving Faramir alone. Later, he will have to deal with the fact that he is no longer a virgin.‏‎ (3 links)
  21. Disgusted, Faramir asks Mablung to leave‏‎ (3 links)
  22. Faramir has just returned from Ithilien after seeing Boromir's boat‏‎ (3 links)
  23. Grima explains his absense and tells that news from Gondor is that Faramir was killed by orcs.‏‎ (3 links)
  24. Someone did eavesdrop on the private conversation.‏‎ (3 links)
  25. Theodred is hurt, and leaves‏‎ (3 links)
  26. The bad news is that Arwen has disappeared‏‎ (3 links)
  27. Celeborn agrees to help Aragorn‏‎ (3 links)
  28. Faramir cannot bear to watch anymore and flees back to the room to wait for Legolas‏‎ (3 links)
  29. Faramir wants Mablung to stay‏‎ (3 links)
  30. Faramir goes along with the plan and promises to keep quiet (and the plan works or doesn't...)‏‎ (3 links)
  31. Aragorn offers to speak to Denethor‏‎ (3 links)
  32. Faramir's training continues. Elrond arrives, one very annoyed elf‏‎ (3 links)
  33. It is Grima! Boromir was hiding the truth of the nightmarish reality from Faramir.‏‎ (3 links)
  34. The Elves are discovered with their burden.‏‎ (3 links)
  35. Tirion secretly follows the rangers to Henneth Annun.‏‎ (3 links)
  36. Faramir decides to ask more questions of his father.‏‎ (3 links)
  37. Something interrupts them.‏‎ (3 links)
  38. Donagen is coming for Faramir. He wants his son.‏‎ (3 links)
  39. Faramir has spied a party of Orcs‏‎ (3 links)
  40. Someone has been watching them and decides a little blackmail is in order.‏‎ (3 links)
  41. They are interrupted before Boromir can speak‏‎ (3 links)
  42. Celeborn send Aragorn on his way‏‎ (3 links)
  43. Faramir confronts Marek and the halfling assassin‏‎ (3 links)
  44. Forget that, Faramir decides to go camping‏‎ (3 links)
  45. Marek loses control and throws himself on Faramir‏‎ (3 links)
  46. The nazgul decides to have some fun with Faramir‏‎ (3 links)
  47. Faramir refuses to lie to protect Boromir and Aragorn‏‎ (3 links)
  48. Faramir accepts Tirion's offer.‏‎ (3 links)
  49. Faramir says nothing and Aragorn and Boromir spend the rest of the night caring for him‏‎ (3 links)
  50. It is a group of Orcs‏‎ (3 links)

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