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  1. After a bite to his nipple to get his attention , Faramir is able to focus on Théodred seductions.
  2. Aragorn
  3. Aragorn and Boromir to the rescue
  4. Aragorn is very serious indeed!
  5. Aragorn just used this as a diplomatic way to turn down Marek’s proposal and gain his respect.
  6. Aragorn returns with Saruman.
  7. Aran declares him suitable and they leave
  8. Aran wants to test Faramir some more
  9. Back in Lorien, Aragorn seeks out Faramir who is nowhere to be found.
  10. Beta readers
  11. Blue
  12. Boromir
  13. Boromir arrives with several men and Anborn is his prisoner.
  14. Boromir begins to suspect Tirion.
  15. Boromir confesses to a sexual interest in Faramir
  16. Boromir decides to let Tirion mete out the punishment and leaves the tent to join in the merrymaking
  17. Boromir makes love to a reluctant Faramir
  18. Boromir returns to his lover's bed during the night, and Faramir gets to witness some hot lovin' before he is noticed
  19. Boromir spanks Faramir himself (Tirion may or may not be present)
  20. Chapter 1: A Stranger in the Woods
  21. Characters
  22. Christmas Quickie
  23. Claiming
  24. Dee Dee
  25. Denethor banishes him from Gondor with immediate effect and Faramir is forced to leave
  26. Denethor declares war on Rivendell.
  27. Denethor discovers what Faramir is holding.
  28. Denethor is angry at the insult done to the Steward’s family, and rages at Marek, practically ignoring Faramir.
  29. Denethor is not your father
  30. Denethor makes an appearance.
  31. Denethor orders a public flogging in front of all of Boromir’s men
  32. Elrond tells Aragorn something else, your choice.
  33. Elrond tells Aragorn to seduce Faramir
  34. Entering chapters
  35. FAQ
  36. FAQs
  37. FLASHBACK Faramir is indeed no virgin. He recalls the (sordid) incestuous sex he experienced at a very young age.
  38. Faramir
  39. Faramir's secret is safe and the journey continues
  40. Faramir accepts Mablungs offer
  41. Faramir agrees and has the man brought into his chambers
  42. Faramir agrees to the proposal
  43. Faramir arranges Imrahil's 'escape'
  44. Faramir grudgingly agrees to bunk with Legolas
  45. Faramir has no choice but to call off his men before they are killed. He is captured by the attacker
  46. Faramir has suddenly become injured
  47. Faramir insists on leaving alone
  48. Faramir is Aragorn’s son
  49. Faramir is caught eavesdropping and gets a spanking of his own
  50. Faramir is confused from his headwound, and let's Imrahil hold him, touch him.....etc. ;)

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