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Christmas Quickie[edit]

We wanted to do something special for the holiday season, but understand -and experience ourselves- that December is one of the busiest times of the year. That's why last year we set up this FaraWiki Christmas Quickie (if anyone can come up with a good name, please comment below): an Interactive Story Lite - if you want to escape the holiday madness for a while, but with all the shopping and cooking and entertaining only have time for a couple of lines.

The rules are simple: unlike the normal Interactive Story (which of course you are still very welcome to add to!), there are no options at the end of one author's contribution. The next author simply continues where the story left off, and on the same page. Just hit edit and continue writing where the previous author stopped. (You'll see {{quickie info block}} at the top and bottom: that's the code that makes the green info block - please leave those in place.)
There is no minimum or maximum word count, so if you just want to add one line or many, it's all good.
Since there are no options, there will also be no reserving, since that would put the entire story on hold.

To see who added which lines, click the history tab - there you can see all previous version of the page, and compare one to another. Changes made by users that are logged in are credited to their username, for anonymous edits the user's IP address is logged.

To add your questions or comments to this page, click on the + tab.


we're just trying this out for now, seeing how it fits...

but of course if you want to jump right in (whether or not we keep this christmas fic mostly depends on how many people want to participate), go right ahead!

(imo faramir is going to find the white city even more white than usual when he opens those curtains: covered in an untouched blanket of snow; first snow of the winter - but that's just me)

- Admin

Like this? IMO after this, someone is going to take him out in that snow and they're going to have good fun:)):)

- Minx

Yup, that's it. Like it then? Now just hope that some more people will join in...

--Iris 11 December 2005 14:22 (GMT)

Yay! snowball fight! Nicely done ;)

- Iris 22 December 2006 07:59 (GMT)

Excellent! They will indeed need some warming up after that! (guess it was pretty obvious where i was going, sending Aragorn out on thin ice ;))

--Iris 15:49, 15 December 2008 (GMT)

Don't be hasty...[edit]

Ah, but the question still remains whether it's unrequited, or all just a tease, happened before, not going to happen now...and will that treacherous ice give way? Personally, I'm voting for Faramir just to be one hell of a verbal prankster, merrily teasing his king with a carefree confidence he's been long in deserving. What A chooses to do about it, well, that's up to the next person...

) VH