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Looking forward to it!:)

--Minx 27 December 2005 11:30 (GMT)

terrfic chapter Bell Witch! Poor Faramir and creepy Grima. good stuff!

--Minx 28 December 2005 19:05 (GMT)

Thanks. I was totally slow due to the holidays and being out of town yesterday. Then it was overly long, too. I love Grima, he's a great character with so much potential any way you look at it.

--Bell Witch 28 December

Oh indeed! He definitely has loads of potential. :)

This is good...I can't imagine why I missed it when it was put up first!

--Lexin 4 January 2006 13:14 (GMT)

The holiday, most likely. I was two days late posting it because of same. -- 5 January 2006 17:38 (GMT)