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Wow, another great chapter! Dream, don't you ever say you're anything less than a fantastic writer - this was (again) brilliant work!

I love that the brothers have this ritual they go through every time Faramir has a nightmare. Oh, and dazed, confused, disoriented!Faramir - how cute is that?!

And then the options: very nice opportunities for the future there. Of course, since we have miraculously undead!Boromir in this thread, the obvious thing to do is go for a ‘happily ever after’ type of plot (with lots of A/F/B threesomes ;)), but I love that you’ve also introduced the possibility of more dark and nasty plots with your second option.

Wonderful job!

-Iris 27 April 2006 15:22 (GMT)

Thank you Iris for the sweet words and encouragement! Minx did a wonderful job with the beta. (Thank you Minx!) Also mentioned how the story could twist in the future. That was how I started the brainstorm, and got the idea for the 2nd option. Since I had no idea how to even image three-some, nor how to even start to think in a dark AU way, I left the tough most options for someone else to pick up!


Oh this is really great! And I agree with Iris... disorientated Faramir is extremely cute!

I can't wait to see how these is continued... Two excellent options to choose from. :)

-Laurelote 27 April 2006 16:52 (GMT)

Wow Dream!!! That second option was lovely...even better than I imagined, especially that bit about Boromir 'hiding' the harsh reality *smirk* And Grima! yummy...

-Minx 27 April 2006 18:34 (GMT)

Laurelote, I am so glad you like this. Thank you for commenting!

Two excellent options to choose from.

Hum, guess we have a candidate here for the continuation of the story!

Minx, Hope one of the option will inspire you for a new chapter! I liked the one you wrote in “Darkness and Light”. But I really hate to image Worm to touch our wonderful Prince. Maybe just have him watch…. (grin evilly)

-- dream

Oh I wasn't volunteering! And the second option is much more Minx's territory than mine...

I actually have to cut my writing down a little and focus on other things for a while. After that we'll see... But I definately don't want to commit myself at the moment and put off anyone else continuing it...

-Laurelote 28 April 2006 17:18 (GMT)

Well, the Grima part in D&L was written by Lillith. She did it really well!

Minx, not logged in