The Ithilien Rangers try to recapture their captain during the night, and succeed.

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Chapter 5: The Rescue Attempt[edit]

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"Tie me up?" Faramir gaped, and then tried to pull out of Boromir's grasp.

“Yes,” Boromir said smugly.

“No!” Faramir tried protesting again but it was to no avail. Boromir was much larger and much stronger he realised in dismay. He felt almost like a small child in the tight grasp as he was practically dragged towards his brother’s tent. Boromir’s lieutenant, Tirion followed them in and helped tie up the angry young captain. Soon Faramir was dumped unceremoniously in a corner of Boromir’s tent his wrists and ankles bound tightly together and a gag around his mouth because in Boromir’s words he whined too much.

“You should trust your rangers more!” he admonished the young man half-annoyed, and the left the tent, leaving Faramir to stew in his annoyance.

The young captain wriggled around trying to undo his knots but found he couldn’t. This was so stupid, he moaned to himself. How could he have done something as idiotic as this? Getting captured by his own army!

In his bitterness he didn’t notice the scraping sound from the side of the tent, until Mablung’s head poked in through a tear in the thick canvas material, startling him so that he almost bit his tongue inside his gagged mouth.

“There you are, captain,” the ranger said almost smugly.

“Mabplmuhg…” Faramir mumbled through the gag, relieved to see he was to be rescued after all, but at the same time, almost ashamed at having to be.

The ranger slid in through the slit after enlarging it and quickly untied his captain, and helped him to his feet.

“Are you alone?” Faramir said tiredly, as he rubbed his chaffed wrists. Really, Boromir needn’t have tied them so tight!

“Nay, Anborn and Damrod wait nearby.”

“How did you?”

“We followed you, Captain. Lord Boromir’s soldiers never realised it and once we realised not heading East but West it was obvious what had happened. And when we reached here we found they were too busy merrymaking to bother about guarding the tents! Come now, we have our honour to uphold!”

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