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Chapter 5: The Gondorian Envoy[edit]

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“As to who I am,” here the elf sneered and pushed back his hood completely, “It shall probably mean little to you, but I am Glorfindel.”

“The Balrog slayer!” Faramir gasped, both his voice and features full of awe.

“Er..., yes,” Glorfindel replied dismissive. They always bring that up; he might as well not have been alive for the past millennia. The Battle of Fornost may never have happened.

Faramir could not grasp all that was happening The legendary Balrog slayer, here, in Ithilien, talking to him. And what’s more, having taken him captive, not simply at random, no, he wanted him! It was too much... too dazzling. He knew he’d been told to keep quiet, but he’d never been very good at that, not with a dozen new questions appearing in his head each second.

“What do you want from me?” seemed to be the most pressing of the batch.

I do not want anything from you. It’s Lord Elrond who wants you.”

Faramir gasped. Lord Elrond! He was about ready to fall of his horse for a second time, if only he wasn’t frozen in place; his mind and body couldn’t quite agree.

I think we should let Gondor fend for itself, when the time comes,” Glorfindel continued, “since they refuse to take help when it is offered.”

“Wha-” Faramir’s overwhelmed mind tried to keep up, but luckily Glorfindel paid his stutters no heed and continued his monologue.

“But Mithrandir seems to believe Gondor deserves to be included regardless of your father’s actions. Or possibly he thinks Gondor could be of some use, you’re never entirely certain with that wizard.”

Mithrandir had something to do with this? He hadn’t seen him in years... Faramir racked his brain but couldn’t work it out. Obviously Father had done something offending, but it was no news that the Steward of Gondor did not care much for Elves or Wizards, and was not shy about expressing that opinion either. But how could Lord Elrond, Lord Glorfindel and Mithrandir all be interested in him?

“I am very sorry if my father affronted you, or your lord,” he tried, “but-”

“So even though your father refused Lord Elrond’s invitation,” Glorfindel interrupted Faramir, speaking the first few words a little louder -and a little more irritated- than he had spoken before, effectively silencing the ranger, “Lord Elrond thinks it fair a representative from Gondor should attend the meeting.”

A meeting? Will Lord Elrond be there? Where is this meeting, in Rivendell? Dozens more questions popped into Faramir’s head, but he stayed quiet this time, and listened as Glorfindel continued.

“Mithrandir suggested you would be most appropriate, both because he seems to think you’re not completely without knowledge -for your kind- and,” Glorfindel paused for a moment as he cast a pitiful look at the young captain, bound and lying cross saddle on his stomach, “he deemed Denethor wouldn’t be too upset should you go missing for a time.”

“Lord Elrond called a meeting and you want me to represent Gondor?” Faramir could hardly believe it, he had to make sure he hadn’t misunderstood. But as a negative response remained forthcoming, it finally register with him that that was exactly what was happening. “There’s no need for these ties, I’ll come willing!” he cried out, full of joy.

“Lord Glorfindel, we really ought to get going now, if we are to meet Lords Elladan and Elrohir with the Rohirrim envoy on time.”

Glorfindel nodded to the elf who had spoken, then turned to Faramir, “You will remain exactly as you are, at least until we meet up with Lord Elrond’s sons. They may share their faith in men with their father, but you will have to earn my trust.”

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