The man is a stranger, yet oddly familiar to Faramir.

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Chapter 3: stranger and Stranger[edit]

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He knew even before he’d finished the question that he had seen this man before.

“Who I am is of less concern to you, Captain Faramir than the message I have for you,” the other man said calmly, his grey eyes meeting Faramir’s squarely.

The younger man stared back, taken aback, “A message? For me? But –“ he managed to collect himself just in time.

“Who are you?” he repeated, “and how do you know my name and what brings you here?” That face… he knew it, he thought. No, he was sure, he had seen this face before, so often that every line in it seemed oddly familiar to him.

“A friend,’ the man said softly, “a friend brings me here. I have a message for you captain but only for you. Send your men away and I shall tell you what it is.”

A murmur rose from the other rangers at that, but Faramir raised a hand.

“You wish to see me alone?” he asked trying to keep his voice steady, as he remembered where he had seen this face.

He had dreamed of this man countless times, he knew. What he had dreamed he could not remember, but this man was the one because of whom Faramir woke so many times with his sheets wet and tangled between his legs. He paled now at the thought.

“Yes,” the stranger was replying now, and Faramir felt oddly that he was looking up and down the length of Faramir’s body as though he had connoted another meaning entirely to his words.

Mablung had stepped forward, “You speak unwisely, stranger,” he growled, “You will not see our captain alone.”

The stranger simply smirked in response, his grey eyes still upon Faramir’s.

Faramir bit his lip and came to a decision quickly.

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