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Chapter 5: Strange creatures[edit]

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Thorongil gave Faramir an evasive glance, and then finally said, “I do not know the entire matter myself save that I need to take you North for your safety.”

Faramir didn’t believe Thorongil wouldn’t know what all this was about. And surely Denethor wouldn’t have fallen for such flighty lines.

“What did you mean when you said you came to ‘claim’ me?” he said not without a hint of challenge in his voice.

“You are to do much for me and Denethor knows that,” Thorongil replied simply, “I am claiming you for that purpose.”

“But what can I do?” Faramir asked beginning to get bewildered.

“I told you I do not know. Come we must move on.”

“But then how do you know such a prophecy exists if you do not know what it is I have to do for you? And how does my father know of it?”

“Mithrandir, whom you no doubt know, speaks of it, as do many others. Come we must not tarry longer.”

“Mithrandir! How come he in all this?”

“Patience young one. You will know all once we reach our destination, Until then I am merely a messenger!”

After that short exchange, Thorongil would not speak much to Faramir despite the younger man’s persistent efforts to get him to reveal more. It was clear Thorongil knew more than he would say.

The suddenly he remembered what Thorongil had said earlier, “Why do I need protection?”

Thorongil shrugged again.

“Boromir will not like this,” Faramir murmured after a while. Boromir was in Rohan for a few months but he would surely hear of this….

There was no response yet again.

They rode for many days like that, in silence, stopping only to eat and drink. The journey was marked by intermittent rain all through that left both men chilled and shivering each day. Faramir would try to broach more conversation but Thorongil replied only with monosyllabic replies or half grunts. Faramir felt he should have been annoyed with Throngil but strangely enough he couldn’t get himself to be so. Every time he felt irritation towards the other man, he would be reminded of one of his dreams. There had been a few earlier; he could remember them much clearer now… he and this Thorongil standing in each other’s arms in front of numerous people, kissing passionately. He found himself fingering his lips gently as he was jolted back to the present by a shout from Thorongil.


There were only three of the creatures and the two men dealt with them easily enough but not before Thorongil received a cut to his side. He examined it himself, removing his cloak, and then his tunic and then lifting the shirt underneath to reveal a strong, well-sculpted body underneath.

“I could get some herbs,” Faramir began.

“Nay, I have enough,” Thorongil said calmly, “Do not worry, I am a healer too. I can look after myself.”

“It’s already wet and cold here,” Faramir said, “Perhaps we should spend the night under shelter.”

“Good idea. A small cave perhaps?” Thorongil said absently as he wound a bandage around his waist.

They found one, a dank, dark, desolate little hole in a rock face that lay further ahead. It was clearly deserted and near a large stream. When they reached there, Faramir helped Aragorn retie his bandage. This time the older man didn’t object.

“You should rest,” Faramir said.

Thorongil simply nodded but sat back against a cave wall.

“I shall make you some soup,” Faramir offered.

“Thank you,” Thorongil’s voice was soft and friendly.

Faramir smiled happily and walked over to the small wood fire he had started near the mouth of the cave. He wondered briefly where they were as he looked around him. They were much further north than he had ever come before… perhaps they were near Mirkwood, with all its strange creatures, or were they nearer to Lorien than he thought? The light was dim as dusk neared and he was well lost in his thoughts so it was too late when he realised something slimy had wrapped around his ankle. He looked down in horror at the huge tentacle that had crept out of the water. It was as large as an oliphaunt’s trunk he released in despair.

The water rolled as something inside heaved itself up. Faramir gaped at the huge water creature with all those arms flapping thrashing in the water… And then the strange water creature tugged at Faramir’s ankle with its tentacle.


A/N: for anyone wanting inspiration for the water creature attacking Faramir and I would suggest Heilt’s excellent pic on the subject:)

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