The prophesy is that Faramir will handfast/wed/marry Thorongil/Aragorn

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Chapter 5: Even Stranger[edit]

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Thorongil looked at him silently for a moment taking another sip of water. “It is rather complicated, but I shall make it is as simple as I can. I’m sure that you are aware of what men and women do in the company of each other.” A faint smile was shared between the two men.

“Of course, though I don’t see where you’re going with this.” Faramir said honestly. A complete stranger going to Ithilian to take the Captain of the rangers from Gondor had nothing to do with women.

Thorongil shifted uneasily. He had hoped that he could have postponed this until they had both got into safety in the forest of Lorien. Unfortunately, it seemed that Faramir was just like his father in their single-mindedness for the truth.

“You’ve been captain of the Ithilian rangers for some years now have you not? I’m sure that you are aware of what goes on amongst your troops when they are away for several months. Sometimes certain friendships can become more,” Aragorn paused to add emphasis “intense than what is accepted for men in Minas Tirith. As is the way in all armies of the world.”

Faramir gave his new companion a closed and unwelcome stare. “What my men do or do not do is no one’s business but their own, Thorongil. As you said, they are not in Minas Tirith and neither are we…” Faramir trailed off and stared at the man. Oh surely not; the man could not possibly be suggesting... “My father, you told him that you would claim me?” Knowing his father’s views on the matter, it was highly doubtful that Denethor would have just let some random stranger run off with his youngest and molest him in the North.

Thorongil nodded, seeing how this would end and preparing his verbal leash to keep his companion with him. Men of Gondor took a rather dim view on male coupling outside of the army. Inside though, ah that was a different matter altogether.

“What exactly did you mean by that word, Thorongil?” Denethor’s youngest son asked warily. Of course the man was not suggesting what he thought he was. They had only been acquainted for a day, less even. Yet the answer the man had given…Faramir stopped as he contemplated this and stared at the man. A warm prickling feeling near the base of his spine made him remember his dreams, and the feeling of a pair of rough hands on his hips.

“This is insane.” Faramir stated and stood up, picking up his fallen cloak.

Thorongil stood up quickly, a hard look on his face. “Where are you going, Faramir?”

Faramir turned to look at the man who had so unsettled him. “I’m going to Ithilien for the night, and then to Minas Tirith to speak with my father. I highly doubt that he would just send me off with some stranger on some ‘prophecy’ without any kind of explanation. «Certainly without insulting me half a dozen times in the process,» he added silently.

“You would disobey your father?” Thorongil asked softly. He had been afraid this would happen, for the younger man had been looking ready to balk for the past half hour.

“I…” Faramir trailed off, the idea of Denethor’s reaction to his son’s appearance in the White City suddenly unattractive.

Thorongil stepped closer, and slowly moved his hand until it rested on Farmer’s shoulder. The younger man tensed, before sighing and hanging his head. Of course he would obey his father, and that was what Thorongil had counted on. It was the only thing he could use to get Faramir moving towards Lorien again, and for the first time in his life the heir of Isildur was grateful for the Steward’s strict demand for absolute obedience.

“The day is wearing on,” he said before squeezing Faramir’s arm and stepping back. The young man was firm to the touch from the hardened muscle, yet still had the supple skin from youth. Yes, he felt just like he had in Thorongil’s dreams and the thought made his cock twitch. “Come.” He said tersely before turning away so the other man couldn’t see the reaction.

“Tell me of the prophecy first.” Faramir insisted, and crossed his arms. He was not going anywhere with this man until he heard the entire story first.

“We won’t reach Lorien at this rate and we’ll be stuck in the open by nightfall.” Thorongil remarked.

“Please?” Faramir asked.

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