The seduction continues and Faramir is de-virginized. ;)

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Chapter 10: Loss of Virtue[edit]

by Bell Witch

Warnings: While I have written adult material, this is my first experience with what I would call pure smut.

Opening lines taken from previous chapter (by Gabby)

"You need more, sweet mortal?" Haldir teased.

"Oh Valar yes… please! Anything."

"Anything at all? That leaves much room for interpretation," Orophin said, amused. Rúmil was more realistic.

"The ring will soon cause pain enough to drown the pleasure, my brother," he said to Haldir, "So you had best claim him now. I know you wish him to peak with you inside."

Faramir was beyond caring. All he knew now was desire so strong that it blocked out all else. Let any of these beautiful beings take him, so long as they did it soon.

"Some more oil, then, to ease the ring off," Haldir ordered, taking his place behind Faramir. The man's hips were raised and his forehead was pressed to his arms, flat against the pallet. With every breath came a pleading moan for relief. "It is finally time, young one. The pain will be brief, for you are well prepared."

"Yes, now! Please."

Faramir could not help but gasp as Haldir slowly entered him. That caused very little discomfort, much less than the slippery hand that went to coat the ring on the base of his erection. He nearly cried when it was finally removed, so intense was the feeling. Then Haldir began to move slowly in and out and Faramir was sure he was going to die. His back arched and he threw his head back in a soundless scream when Haldir brushed up against that place inside him. Again, then again, and Faramir was finally allowed his release, peaking so long that grey began to cloud his vision.

"So beautiful," said one of the brothers, voice tinged with a slight sadness. "Never again quite so perfect as this first time."

"And yet the night is long, and Haldir made our sweet man here a promise."

"One which I intend to keep," Haldir assured, continuing his unhurried pace. "Exhausted he will be, but pleasantly so."

"Most pleasantly," Orophin agreed. The brothers grew silent then, listening to Faramir's laboured breathing calming and then growing louder again. When the soft groans began, Haldir seemed to treat this as a signal, for his thrusting picked up speed. Soon it was the Elf's turn to sing his pleasure. He then pulled away with an elegant caress to Faramir's back.

"What… why are you stopping?" he asked, eyes wide.

"I have given you a climax, my passionate one, but it is my brother's turn."

"It will be sweet, worry not," Orophin promised, sliding into the now very willing man. "No teasing now, just a swift climb for both of us."

Orophin did not bother with any slow teasing--he was ready and the man below him was shuddering and pushing back against him with every thrust. A few strokes of a hand around hard flesh had Faramir erupting again; the tremors carrying Orophin to completion shortly after.

"I think I will wait a bit," Rúmil said, with a grin as he stroked Faramir's cheek. "I would not want you to confuse me with my brothers. Would you take some wine?"

"Please. And… could you untie me now?"

Orophin shrugged, a common gesture that yet seemed very elegant.

"I will not try to escape--where would I go?" Faramir begged.

"I see no reason not to free you," Haldir decided. "But should you break your word, then back in your bindings."

"Wonderful!" Rúmil exclaimed, working on the ropes. "Then I will be able to show you another way this can be done. You will like it."

Faramir said nothing, but turned and lay flat on his back. This was not yet over, but it did not matter because he had been taken already. That it felt better than anything he ever imagined did nothing to assuage the pain and guilt. I wanted only to give myself to Thorongil. For years I waited, not understanding why. And then when I finally find out, it is too late. I am ruined now, tainted and a disgrace to my family. I am sorry, Thorongil, or Estel, or whatever name you choose to call yourself. I have betrayed you. That they take me is bad enough--I do not need to enjoy it.

"I am ready for you now, Man of Gondor," Rúmil said, climbing back on the pallet. "No, you need not turn over again. Stay on your back and draw up your knees--help him, Orophin."

Thick pillows were pushed under his back and graceful Elven limbs eased Faramir's legs apart. He was stroked to hardness and, before he knew it, Rúmil was taking him face-to-face like a woman.

"This is not good for a first time, but you are very relaxed now," the youngest brother said. "I do not detect any pain."

"Nor do I," said Haldir, sitting nearby. Faramir's head thrashed from side to side and soft cries filled the air. His closed eyes flew open when Haldir leaned in to kiss him. "Your lips are sweet," he said.

"They are not the only part of him that is sweet," Orophin said. "I can tell you that."

"Indeed?" Haldir's hand slipped down Faramir's chest, lingering a moment to flick at a nipple, then moved to the beads of liquid that leaked from the tip of his erection. Slowly, Haldir drew his fingers to his lips, making sure that Faramir was watching as he licked them clean. "Sweet."

Faramir's cry mingled with Rúmil's as first man then Elf went over the edge.

"Did I not say that you would be unable to walk?" Haldir asked. Faramir had been lowered to the ground and was being carried back through the pre-dawn forest. There were no protests now: he was so tired that Haldir's words made little sense. All night he had been used, albeit as carefully as they could manage, and now the only thing that Faramir could understand was that he was being taken back to his talan. He needed to sleep, and later he could deal with the fact that he was no longer suited to be wed to Thorongil.

Faramir's heart was heavy and his eyes burned with unshed tears. Even after all they'd done, the Elves were still beautiful: he was tainted.

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