The worse news is that Denethor will reach Lórien in time for the wedding

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Chapter 10: The Truth of the Matter[edit]

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“Denethor is heading for Lorien.” said Mithrandir “It appears he will reach us in time for the wedding.”

Faramir looked stunned at the news that he would wed Aragorn/Thorongil under his father’s disapproving gaze. Why would his father even bother to come to Lorien?

“I must speak to you in private.” said Aragorn to the two men. “Faramir please wait for me...”

“If this concerns my father I should be part of this conversation. Or do you still insist on treating me like a child?”

“Faramir even now we do not know what Arwen gave you. You must stay calm and rest for now.” Elrond warned Faramir sternly.

“Very well, I give up. You will have your discussion eventually so go on.” Faramir said as he lay down on the bed, feeling as childish as he was being treated.

The three men stepped outside of the talan, leaving a fuming Faramir inside.

“What is so urgent Estel?” asked Elrond “And what does it have to do with Denethor?”

“Ada if there is to be a wedding it will have to take place before Denethor reaches Lorien” said Aragorn looking very worried. “To get Faramir to accompany me I had to deceive him.”

“What do you mean Estel, what did you tell Faramir?” said Mithrandir approaching the miserable looking man.

“I forged orders that supposedly came form his father, they decreed that Faramir must obey me and not return to Gondor until I allowed it. Somehow word must have gotten to Denethor about my deception.”

“I can not believe you did not warn us about this sooner Estel!” Elrond was so angry with his son he put some distance between them. “By your very actions you have endangered the alliance.”

“I will speak to Celeborn at once; arrangements will have to be made for the ceremony to take place immediately.” Mithrandir said as he moved to inform Celebron.

“I knew that Faramir would obey his father without question. It was the only way I could think to get Faramir to Lorien without employing force.” Confessed Estel to lord Elrond

“For someone that met me a few days ago, you know me well.” A sad looking Faramir came out of the talan towards Aragorn.

“I am sorry I had to deceive you, but would you have come if I had told you the truth?”

“I suspected you had lied when you claimed you had spoken to my father. You professed not to know that your uncle Ancir was my father’s closest advisor. Yet if you had dealings with Denethor regarding my fate, you could not help but meet Ancir.” Faramir looked so miserable when he spoke, that it tore at Aragorn’s hart. “But don’t you think that telling me we were going to Lorien to protect me was a bit much.”

Faramir turned to enter the talan but Aragorn grabbed his arm and looked into his eyes. “That at least was no lie. Once I knew that the only hope of uniting Gondor and Arnor was to wed a virgin son of the Steward, I knew that your life was in danger.”

Faramir blushed with embarrassment and tried to free himself, but Aragorn would not let go. “Despite what I said, I am not so naive to think Boromir is a virgin, so you became the only hope for such an alliance.” Aragorn went on not caring that his ada witnessed the conversation. “Don’t you realize Faramir that your father would see such a union as a threat to his power?”

“Are you saying he would kill his own son to stop the alliance between Gondor and Arnor?” Elrond sounded shocked that any father, no mater how uncaring, would consider his children expendable.

“Yes I believe him capable of killing me. I have always been a disappointment to him, loosing his power to me and having me marry another man would be something Denethor could never allow.” Faramir continued before he could be interrupted “Once father arrives, he will take me away and then…”

“I will not allow Denethor to take you anywhere, as your husband it is my duty to protect you. I know you don’t love me, but will you at least allow me to do that much for you.” Aragorn looked vulnerable as he spoke.

Suddenly Elrond said to Faramir “Please remember that your union to Estel is the only possibility of bringing peace and prosperity to Gondor and Arnor.”

“Now that you know the entire truth, would you forsake that alliance because of my deceit?” Aragorn looked nervously at Faramir for the answer.

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