Theodred is put off by the drugging and convinces the twins not to do anything until it wears off, but remember Faramir is still under the influence of the drug and it’s still his first time

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Chapter 9: Under the Influence[edit]

by -Bell Witch 16 February 2006 19:18 (GMT)

(Warnings: Elf-cest, but if you've been reading along that shouldn't surprise you. Writer fairly new to pr0n: you have been warned.)

"I cannot believe the two of you!" Theodred raged. "I won the prize and then you do not even let me have it for myself but convince me to share. Had you won I would not have bothered you but waited patiently until tomorrow as agreed."

Elladan rolled his eyes and watched his brother stroke Faramir's hair.

"Indeed," said Elrohir, smiling at Theodred's irritation.

"Indeed. And I did not need to give him anything to make him compliant."

Elladan could not keep quiet. "So that's why we heard all that fighting, brother mine. The prince of Rohan had to keep Faramir from ravishing him."

"He was coming round, it merely took some convincing," Theodred sounded irritated. "And without any of your Elf magic."

"He is more than willing now for all of us to take him," Elrohir said.

By this time, Faramir was pushing into the hand in his hair and leaning his head back against the strong shoulder making mewling noises. His obvious arousal made Theodred scowl.

"I don't want him like this. He was convinced before and I will again have him in bed without need of any drugs to influence him. And you will not take advantage of him either." Theodred strode forward and pulled Faramir away from Elrohir: the young man immediately grabbed hold of Theodred and began rubbing himself on the prince's hip until forced to stand at arm's length. "Do you see what you have done?"

Elladan snorted in disgust. "And this bothers you? He is beautiful, my friend."

"He was just fine before your interference. Leave him be. I will have my chance with him tomorrow and you two shall have to wait until two nights hence due to your eager behaviour."

"Theodred," Faramir pleaded. "Please. I've wanted you and I know you are interested. You were earlier--why not now? Please!"

Theodred swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. "I must be out of my head," he said to no one in particular. "Not like this, Faramir. Will you wait until tomorrow for me?"

Faramir smiled widely and nodded so eagerly that Theodred had to look away to keep his resolve. He turned to Elladan.

"You will not force anything on him now," he ordered. "Promise me that you will see that he gets to his tent."

"Oh, we promise," returned Elladan.

Elrohir added, "Why can you not return him there yourself? Think you that you will lose the battle you fight so fiercely and take him?"

Theodred scowled at each twin in turn. "I do not know why I spend time with you two," he said before stomping off. Faramir looked after him sadly.

"Ah, mortals," the brothers sighed together, then smiled at each other.

"I suppose we should be getting back now," Elrohir said. To his surprise, Elladan began to laugh. "What is so funny?"

"Your wits are failing. We do not need to take the human back just yet."

"I want him too, brother, but you promised Theodred…"

Elladan cut him off. "I promised Theodred that we would return him to his tent. I did not specify when. As to forcing anything on the lovely Faramir…" he turned and held his hand out to the young man. He came forward eagerly, clinging tightly to the elf's side, eyes half-lidded with need. "Think you that he needs to be forced?"

Now it was Elrohir's turn to laugh. "And I was always the clever one."

Elladan laughed to. "I was always the handsome one. Now I am both. But what say you, Faramir? I have made a promise to Theodred and cannot break my word. I will not do anything to you that you do not want. What will you allow from us?"

Faramir licked his lips and turned to the elf. "Anything. Everything. I don't care as long as you do something soon. I need you." He stared in adoration.

Elladan took one look at the dilated pupils and slightly parted lips. "Anything for you," he replied, turning Faramir and holding the tilted chin up for a kiss.

"Not fair," Elrohir said, but he didn't sound too put out as he watched the kiss deepen from a gentle brushing of lips into a burning embrace that simply demanded he move forward. "My turn."

Elladan nearly had to pry Faramir's arms from around his neck to get the man to turn round so that his brother could have a kiss. Several kisses to the lips and Faramir whimpered in need. The mouth moved to the neck and throat, exploring with little nips and licks and Faramir was moaning helplessly and bucking his hips against Elrohir while the other elf massaged his buttocks from behind. Lips barely teased across a nipple and Faramir cried out with such want that Elrohir stopped a moment.

"The herbs are strong and he has been in torment for a while now. The mortal deserves release before we continue--is that not fair?"

Elladan nodded and Faramir gasped out his assent.

"You'll need to hold him a bit or I do believe he'll choke me," Elrohir told his brother as he sank to his knees, sliding his hands down Faramir's body in the process and bringing them to rest on the muscular thighs. Elladan wrapped one long arm around Faramir's waist and slid the other upward to stroke his hair then looked down and signalled his brother that he was ready.

"As much as we both want to hear you scream your pleasure, now is not the right time for that, I'm sorry," he whispered into the man's ear.

"But you said…" Faramir was desperate. "Please, don't stop now!"

"Not stopping," said Elrohir from below. He was hovering with his mouth over the head of Faramir's shaft, the warmth of each outward breath an erotic tease. "Just can't have you screaming."

"To that end…" Elladan said, "I must do this until you have spent yourself." He nipped lightly to the earlobe and moved his free hand to cover Faramir's mouth.

"Hopefully another time we can let you scream," Elrohir promised. He flicked his tongue out to catch the few leaking drops before opening wide and taking the hard flesh deep in his mouth.

Even with the warning swipes of tongue, it was too much. Faramir thrashed against the arms holding him at waist and thighs and shouted a muffled cry against Elladan's hand as his climax overtook him. Pleasure so intense he was sure he would not survive it rolled over Faramir in waves and left him so spent that he could only remain upright because of the strong arms supporting him. For a minute, panting breaths were the only sounds that broke the silence of the clearing.

"Eru, that was beyond imagining," said one of the twins.

"He didn't have too much, did he?"

"No, we just waited too long. Won't let that happen again."

Faramir stirred against Elladan. "Sit down?" he asked. His wish was granted immediately and Elladan sank to the grass beside him.

"Are you all right?" Elladan smiled when Faramir nodded and kissed the mortal on the cheek. "We did not realise that the herbs would work so strongly on you. We will not wait so long next time."

"Next time?" Faramir said, sated and sleepy.

"It doesn't feel like it now, but wait a few minutes. The herbs have not worn off yet."

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