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Chapter 6: Camped for the Night[edit]

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Faramir’s face fell at that. Earn his trust? But then he remembered he was riding with the great Balrog slayer to an elven realm to meet more elves. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he imagined meeting all these elves. And Lord Elrond, too! He had heard of him from Mithrandir. It was enough to help him ignore the bouncing movement caused by the horse’s unsteady gait as they began climbing a hill.

Through his vague thoughts he heard Glrofindel grasp his shoulder ask something and just nodded happily.

“Oh for Eru’s sake!” Glorfindel shouted exasperated, “He must be imbecile! Wipe that goofy smiled off your face you fool and come along now!”

“Oh!” Faramir said as he realised Glorfindel intended to help him off the horse. As he dismounted, not with much ease what with being tied up, he asked excitedly, “Have we reached Imladris?”

“No wonder Denethor is happy to be rid of you!” Glorfindel exclaimed, “Of course not! We’re just camping here, you fool.”

Faramir gave him a hurt look at that. Glorfindel didn’t have to bring his father into the conversation like that! The elf however ignored him as three new riders rode into the clearing.

“Elladan! Elrohir!”

Faramir looked up interestedly as a pair of twins dismounted and then gasped as he noticed the third rider was a man – Theodred!

He blushed at the sight of the Rohirrim prince remembering his last encounter with him.

“Faramir! Whatever are you doing here?” the prince exclaimed now as he stride up to him, “and why ever are you all trussed up like this?” he laughed heartily.

“He’s the Gondorian envoy!” Glorfindel said impatiently.

“Should you not have an envoy who has more say in the affairs of his state?” Theodred smirked. Faramir pursed his lisp as he remembered exactly why the thought of their last encounter was turning so distasteful. Theodred had been just as scornful of him then. It had hurt quite badly for then Faramir had been infatuated by the prince. Unfortunately Theodred had had eyes for only Boromir who ha happily reciprocated. Theodred had treated Faramir as a bit of a nuisance for hanging around them all the while. Even Boromir had got annoyed afterwards.

“Prince Theodred,” he said now formally.

“Why do you have him tied up, Glorf?” one of the twin elves asked.

“Don’t trust him,” the other elf replied laconically.

“Oh! I thought it was because you like them tied up, Glorf!” the other town hooted with laughter.

“This one?” Glrofindel sneered, “Don’t insult my taste please! Come, Prince Theodred, would discuss our route with you.”

Faramir couldn’t understand half the conversation but he did realise now that it concerned him and was particularly complimentary. He bit his lip.

“Don’t worry,” one of the twins stood by him as he watched the blond elf and the blond human walk away, and began to untie his bonds, “He’s just irritated because he got pulled out of an orc hunting patrol to be sent here.”

“Oh,” he replied as he began chaffing his wrists, glad to be out of the constricting ropes.

“Let me,” the elf offered and taking his wrists began to rub the sore areas very gently with his fingers. Faramir gasped at the touch. It was so sensual.... he'd never known anything like this before.

The twins were Elrond’s sons he found out soon and sat by them for supper drinking in every word they said. They too listened to his talk solemnly as he told them of the fighting he’d seen in Ithilien.

He was in a much better frame of mind when he retired for the night. Lord Elrond’s sons are so nice and kind, he thought sleepily to himself as he crawled into his makeshift bed in the tiny tent he’d been assigned.

However, he sat up the very next minute as someone grabbed at him.

“Well! I’ve been waiting for you and your pretty little body all evening! You’re mine for the night now, little one!”

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