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A new writer joining the interactive story in November of 2005. I have written no stories featuring Faramir as of yet, nor even any LotR fanfic.

I have links to my Harry Potter stories on my LiveJournal as well as personal stuff and other weirdness.

I am also playing Faramir in the new online (LiveJournal) RPG Tabula Rasa. It's given me a desire to learn more about the character and write for him.

I have written two chapters and am working on a third. The first one written is Chapter 12: A New Day and the second I just posted is Chapter 8: Between Brothers. I still can't figure out how to add things to the Chapter list, and giving the numbers and names doesn't do much good. Oh well.

--Bell Witch 22 November 2005 18:16 (GMT) Edited 28 November 2005