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This is a list of the most commonly used wiki codes. For a comprehensive list, see wiki markup - but please: less is more!

What it looks like What you type Button*

Bold text

'''Bold''' text

Italic text

''Italic'' text

Underlined text
(best to be avoided to prevent confussion with links)

<u>Underlined</u> text


Horizontal line:


Level 2 Header[edit]

==Level 2 Header==

Level 3 Header[edit]

===Level 3 Header===


Level 4 Header[edit]

====Level 4 Header====


A single new line has no effect on the layout;
an empty line starts a new paragraph.

Line 1 Line 2 Line 3

Line 4

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

Line 4


You can break lines
starting a new paragraph

You can break lines<br>
starting a new paragraph


Mostly used for quoting other users on Talk pages:

A colon indents a line or paragraph.
:A colon indents a line or paragraph.


Basis internal link:
Interactive Home

[[Interactive Home]]

Internal link with alternative text:
Click here for the homepage

[[Interactive Home|Click 
here for the homepage]]

Basic external link:


External link with alternative text:
The Faramir FanFiction Archive

[ The 
Faramir FanFiction Archive]

Email link:
Email us!

Email us!]


--Admin 30 November 2005 10:39 (GMT)


Link to your userpage:**


Current date&time:
30 November 2005 10:39 (GMT)


Ordered list:

  1. one
  2. two
    2. two.two
  3. tree
# one
# two
## two.two
# tree


Unordered list:

  • one
  • two
    • two.two
  • tree
* one
* two
** two.two
* tree


Chapter options:

What happens next?

From here you can also: Discuss this Chapter

See What links here to go to the previous chapter

Go to the Chapter Overview Page
{{options|Your first option goes 
here|Your second option goes here}}

* For all buttons goes: select the text you want to apply the function to, then hit the button. They do not work as on/off switches.
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