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Yes, it's wiki-etiquette

This is a proposal open for discussion (mostly nicked from another wikis...).
Please edit this page, or use the discussion link at the top of the page to add your input.

We want this Interactive Story to be a supportive, collaborative experience. At least for now, all pages can be read and edited by all visitors: there is no need to register if you want to post a chapter or a comment. However, just because you can edit everything, doesn't mean you should.

Some key points to help make this collaboration successful:

  • Review Recent Changes periodically - once each time you use the wiki is a good idea.
  • Respect what others have written. Of course this is especially true for chapter pages and user pages. Do not edit those unless you have asked first. And in all other cases, consider that the previous writer has as much invested in what they've written as you do in your dissent. Only edit if you have something meaningful to add. Seek ways of expressing yourself that avoid conflict.
  • Use discussion pages. All writers love feedback. It's a small effort to write a few words, but it can mean a lot to someone, especially new authors. Also, if you think a page should be changed but are in doubt, use the "discussion" (or "Talk") page to raise the point. This is a place where people can hash out differences prior to changing something on a main page.
    Always sign your Talk page comments.
  • Keep content relevant. We're trying to create an interactive story here - please keep things that are not at least marginally relevant to private email. For all your chat that has no relevant page to attach it to (but none the less is at least marginally relevant), there's Merethrond.
  • Use your User page. Each person with an account has a user page. When you are logged in, you can get at it by clicking on your name near the top of the page. This is your spot, your space -- put whatever you like here! You can use a user's Talk page to leave messages. Never edit another user's page without permission.
  • Use Show Preview. Repeatedly! Before saving, re-read what you're written in the preview to see how it will actually look.
  • Use the history tab. Before jumping in with a hasty change, examine the history to understand how the page got to be how it is. It could be that your desired change had been thoroughly discussed, considered, and ruled out for good cause -- in which case, you might re-consider upsetting the established consensus. If you still feel strongly about it, then use the discussion page instead.
  • Work toward consensus. This may mean moderating your own dissent, or reconciling with someone else's dissent.
  • No personal attacks. There's more freedom here, but please, let that not result into anarchy! The same rules of decency still apply, just as anywhere else where you may comment on other people's work. There will always be things you like, and things you don't like. If you like, please let the author know. If you don't like, you best find something else to read. It's always good to re-read what you've written before you press "Save page", and pretend you're on the other end.
    • How does what you (the writer) have written, make you (the reader) feel?
    • (One of the other wikis had this rule... most of us probably don't want to apply that here, but I found it funny, thought I'd leave it in for now...) Use the "Mom is reading" rule: would you want your mom to read what you've written?
    • If in doubt, either put it on a discussion page (also called a "talk" page), or use private email.

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