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Aaah- that is so darling. What a lovely, calm, quiet chapter.
I guess it's because of the interactive setup that the story gets something hectic, or chaotic - every author wants something to happen in her chapter, which results in a rapid string of events. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, obviously, but it does make a simple, tranquil chapter like this one - just a man with his thoughts and a hot drink - stand out all the more.


We can of course have a Boromirlives! AU here...:)

Of course, of course! After all, we need A/B/F threesome smutfests at every possible occasion, don't we? ;)

-Iris 20 April 2006 21:24 (GMT)

Well...:-)) the interlude can be the calm before the storm :-))

-Minx 21 April 2006 19:05 (GMT)

Yes, yes, agree with Iris. I like the 2nd option, but even better, the 2nd options can be combined with the first option. a F/A/B three some on the 4th age, AU. A/F 4th age is "someone"-'s specialty, ;-)

And loved the chapter path! Iris, is the path now a real database product with links in a table and self-join many times (and why does this techy term sounds so, well, salsh? oh dear, I can never pull a straight face at work from now on when people mention "joins" )


Iris, is the path now a real database product with links in a table and self-join many times

nope, still done by hand. it's an easy enough procedure (just copy the path from the parent chapter and add one line at the end), and while to code it would be perhaps not too complicated, it's at least an elaborate process. could be a nice challenge, but frankly, i’ve done enough coding lately... maybe some day. (any php/mysql programmers out there who have a calling are very welcome to contact me)

oh and isn't 4th age F/A/miraculously-undead!B just the best ever?

-Iris 22 April 2006 15:58 (GMT)

Well, Dream, we can after all have all the options we like. ;)

-Minx 22 April 2006 20:20 (GMT)