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Into the Woods[edit]

-Bell Witch 9 July 2006 22:29 (GMT)

What had happened? Theodred was uncertain in the extreme. He sat a moment, bewildered, until he heard distressed noises coming from outside. He rose quickly and followed the sound, eyes widening at the scene before him—young Faramir losing his supper as quietly as he could manage, tears streaming down his face.

Theodred stopped cold. But... Faramir had wanted him, he was sure of it. He’d shown interest last year and had reacted tonight. Slowly at first, yes, but was responsive and moaning in the end. True, he’d said ‘hurts’ but Theodred had been careful to begin with and moreso after that. He hadn’t done anything wrong! Or had he?

“Faramir?” the young prince said, approaching cautiously from the side. “Have I hurt you? I didn’t mean to.”

He was mildly relieved when Faramir shook his head and then concerned again because the motion brought a very pained expression to the Gondorian’s face. He retched again even though there was nothing left to bring up.

“If not me, then what? Please, let me help you. Can I at least get you some water?” Something was so very wrong and Theodred’s heart was sinking in his chest. He hadn’t hurt Faramir but something… He had to have done something.

But he wanted me! He’d wanted Theodred but something happened.

“Water?” the normally smooth voice croaked out. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

“It isn’t, and I offered. Just a moment.” Theodred disappeared back into the tent and rummaged about, grabbing Faramir’s waterskin and cloak. He walked over and set the garment gently over the man’s shoulders before offering the water. “I can get you fresh if that’s not good enough. Just let me know.”

He stood by and watched Faramir sip slowly, rinse his mouth, then spit. Finally, he drank a little and it appeared he’d keep it down.

“Thank you,” Faramir said quietly.

“’Tis nothing, and I wish only to help you. Faramir... what happened?” He took in the complete exhaustion evident in Faramir’s posture. “Let me help you sit down and then I need to know what I did. Perhaps I didn’t hurt you but obviously there’s something.”

Everything had seemed to be going well enough. Faramir had acquiesced and Theodred did what came naturally. Faramir had enjoyed it too, or sounded like he had. Only the ‘hurts’ and then soft moaning while Theodred had taken him. It had been most satisfactory, if not quite what he was expecting from Faramir’s prior admiration of him. He’d expected more enthusiasm from his lovemaking but never this... whatever was happening.

Faramir sat and stared blankly into the night with the prince of Rohan next to him getting more and more nervous by the moment.

“I didn’t hurt you?” he asked again.

“No.” Expressionless.

“Then what happened? Please, something is very wrong and I want to help you.” He could be very selfish, yes, but he did actually like Faramir. The teasing earlier... That had been a bit unkind and he was sorry now. If Faramir needed aid, he would give it if he could.

“You did not hurt me, it was...” Faramir turned away.

“It was what? Or who?” Something else had hurt him? But surely not just now, and Theodred was trying to understand. He put a hand on Faramir’s shoulder. “What happened?”

“No!” Faramir shoved Theodred away and rose more swiftly than the young man from Rohan would have thought possible. He started to run, disappearing into the trees.

Theodred sat stunned for a moment and then hurried to catch up, cursing his nakedness. At least Faramir had the cloak and would not be as pained by branches against his skin. Still, he had to find him before he came to harm.

He had done something to make Faramir act this way and it was his responsibility to find out what it was and fix it if he could. Before that, he had to find Faramir. Should he go seek help from the twins or Glorfindel? Glorfindel would be so angry but risking Elven wrath was worth it if it meant he found Faramir the more quickly.

He stopped, uncertain of which way to go. He was completely naked in the dark woods trying to find another almost-naked man. Unfortunately, the other man was an upset ranger with a head start.

“Faramir!” he called. “Faramir, come back. Let me help you.”

But there was no answer. He needed to get help.

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