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Chapter 6: They Reach Lorien[edit]

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It was a terrible and long ride for both men.

“There is little I can tell you of it,” Thorongil said stubbornly for the tenth time, as the tow men rode farther and farther north.

“All I can tell you is that in our union lies the solution to an alliance between the north and the south kingdoms!”

“Yes, but tell me more… why me?”

“You are the Steward’s son.”

“So is Boromir.”


“And you are-”

“I can’t tell you.”

It was getting annoying, Faramir decided mutinously, “Why not?” he asked belligerently.

“Well, I just can’t,” Thorongil snapped out, “Now will you stop being a pest and ride on quietly! I’m not surprised your father sent you off so easily!”

“You said-“

“Don’t you think it strange that it is you on this journey and not your brother?” Thorongil asked silkily, intent on hurting the younger man into silence now, and judging by the surprised look on Faramir’s face he looked about to succeed, “I asked for a son of the Steward, which one it does not matter. It was your father’s idea that you come with me and not Boromir.

“He said I could take you wherever I wanted and keep you there,” Thorongil continued, feeling only slightly guilty at the stunned look on Faramir’s face, “If I’d known you were going to be so irritating…”

“Well, if I’d known you were going to be so overbearing, I’d never have agreed to come with you!” Faramir declared knowing he sounded a little childish, “I have a good mind to return!”

“Oh do! Then I might get your brother – the golden one of Gondor. At least he will be worth all this effort unlike your sorry whining face,” Thorongil retorted, “You are the second choice anyway! And by the way, your father has told him what you do is necessary for the good of Gondor so don’t expect sympathy from Boromir!”

He knew he sounded unkind but it was the truth. Boromir he knew of, all did. They had heard of his prowess at this young age, of his victories and his skills with arms and men. Thorongil had dreamt of him often as he had of this younger one, who seemed to be sulking now. He’d hurt him, he knew, but really Faramir was behaving like a child!

Faramir was stunned. Thorongil’s words had brought back to mind other dreams, one that he only now remembered… the dreams where rough hands would be resting on his hips and then suddenly they would release him, shove him away and Thorongil would walk, naked towards someone standing at the doorway, equally naked, and then they would make passionate love to each other in front of Faramir.

The ride to Lorien was quiet and uneventful. The two men barely spoke to each other. Faramir stayed silent out of habit. When people indicated they preferred his brother over him he usually withdrew. It was not new. Most people did prefer Boromir over him, whether it was their father, or the cooks in the citadel, or the maidens who were invited to gatherings in the citadel or even drunken patrons at the city’s taverns.

Thorongil interpreted the silence however as sulking and found himself increasingly annoyed by the immaturity it displayed.

Faramir should have felt happy entering the land of elves, and more so Lorien, this land he had hears such tales of. But his heart was heavy and he was getting increasingly wary and fearful of what was needed of him. Thorongil was to ‘claim’ him and it was clear that meant only one thing. But Thorongil would rather have had Boromir. Denethor would not really welcome him back. And Boromir too thought this was for the good of Gondor and therefore must be done.

They were led into Lorien by its tall elven guardians who had nearly frightened Faramir off his horse by suddenly jumping down from the tree he had been riding under. They had then been blindfolded and taken in. They had called Thorongil Estel.

Faramir stared in curiosity around him. They sat in one of the talans as these people called them. He had earlier been shown the talan he was to stay in with Thorongil and had rushed back here as requested by the lady of the golden wood. Now he stood quietly in the front of scattered chairs, occupied by a few elves and Mithrandir.

He had smiled at the familiar face on first seeing him and had received a curt nod in reply that mde his face fall. He had not yet invited to sit. He felt tired, the ride had been long, Thorongil had ignored him all along and the guardian elves had prodded him with their spears while he had walked blindfolded. His back was beginning to hurt now.

Thorongil lounged comfortably on a large armchair and watched disinterestedly. He was still annoyed with Faramir.

“This is the one?” the lady asked softly. Faramir looked up at her and then averted his eyes as he felt her boring into him.

“This is Denethor’s younger son,” Thorongil said calmly.

“Surely, the elder would be a better choce,“ a tall raven haired elf spoke.

“Denethor would never have spared him,” Mithrandir said gruffly.

“Do you know why you are here,” the dark-haired elf asked Faramir curtly.

“I – for Thorongil to – to claim me,” Faramir whispered miserable, suddenly feeling very lonely and left out here.

“Good… you know then,” a silver haired elf stood up.

“The two of you will wed in a week’s time,” the dark haired elf announced.

“But Ada,” Thorongil protested.

“Elrond, surely-“ Mithrandir started.

“Nay,” said Elrond, “… a week is enough time for our preparations.”

“B-but,” Faramir tried speaking, his heart pounding against his chest. Wed Thorongil? He? But …

“But first we need to check that he is untouched.”

“We can do that later,” the silver haired elf spoke.

“Nay, we do it now, Celeborn,” Elrond insisted, “Else all these arrangements shall go for naught.”

“Do what?” Thorongil asked interestedly.

Faramir continued to stand there unhappily. These people were talking about him as though he didn’t stand there in front of them.

“We need to examine this boy,” Elrond said airily.

Faramir bristled at being called a boy and would have protested but for Celebron’s next words.

“Aye, we need to know if he is as yet untouched and untried or not,” Thorongil looked befuddled and an odd feeling hit Faramir in the pit of his stomach.

Celeborn sighed, “We need to check if he is indeed a virgin, Estel, and right now!”

Faramir gasped at that, and started, “What?” he squeaked out.

“Elrohir, Haldir, “ Elrond called out warningly and the remaining younger elves in the room darted forward as though to ensure Faramir couldn’t leave.

“Who will examine him,” Thorongil asked, “And where?”

“I will… in Celeborn’s talan.”

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