Faramir has no choice but to call off his men before they are killed. He is captured by the attacker

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Chapter 3: Captured[edit]

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"Stand down, Mablung, it is no use," Faramir commanded, trying to sound as calm as possible. "Tira ten' rashwe sii; lye nuquernuva sen telwan,¹" he added, intended for Mablung's ears only, knowing he would understand.

The man behind him snorted and pulled the knife at Faramir's throat in tighter, forcing his head back. "Don't try anything!" he growled, as he grabbed Faramir tighter still and started moving slowly backwards.

"Now clear! We have no need for you!" the hooded man, now surrounded by his companions, yelled at the five rangers who hadn't moved since their captain had been captured. Mablung cast another doubtful look at Faramir.

Faramir nodded, he had no choice. "Go on, I'll be alright. Tenna' telwan san',²" he said, giving Mablung what he hoped was a meaningful glance.

Again, the man who held him snorted, and then roughly jerked him back further. "Go, you heard you captain! Scoot!" the man yelled, and the rangers did move: first slowly, pacing backwards until they reached a line of thicket and trees where they turned and ran. Faramir watched them go and his heart sank.

The moved quickly and efficiently, like a well ordered unit, long familiar with one another, Faramir noted. His wrist had been tied behind his back, and his ankles were tied together too, and he had been flung across the saddle of a horse like that. Not very comfortable, but it could have been worse, he reckoned. One of the men, he thought it had been the one who'd captured and held him before but he couldn't be sure, had even had a quick look at the cuts on his arm and side and put some balm on them, even though they were so shallow Faramir probably wouldn't have bothered himself.

They were packing up now, getting ready to leave. Faramir watched them from his prone position as they saw to the minor injuries inflicted on them by the Ithilien Rangers, gathered up stray arrows that may be re-used, inspected their weapons, packed their gear and finally mounted their horses.

They rode west, towards the river.

After a few minutes' riding the leader of the group -Faramir was almost certain now this was the one who had captured him- left the head of the column and came to ride next to the horse Faramir was lying across. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Faramir tried to look up the best he could, surprised his captor would care. From what Faramir could see from his face, which from this angle wasn't more than a bit of chin, it appeared the man had removed his mask. Faramir strained to see more of his captor's face, twisting his body sideways in the saddle.

What he saw made him gasp with surprise -just before he felt himself slipping in the saddle and tumbled off his horse.


"Be careful now; we will defeat them later."


"Until later then"

(Though the lines above most likely pig elvish: I don't have any expertise in that area whatsoever.)

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