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Oh my, poor Faramir! And he's wet too!
Too bad there's no time to time just now to take care of him properly (get him out of those wet clothes, etc...) - but those are two very promising options! Orcs or Grìma.. good thing Strider's there to take care of our exile.

--Iris 11 December 2005 12:23 (GMT)

Oh but there is... see after Faramir saves Aragorn from an Orc thrust, and then somehow gets embroiled with Grima because after all everyone seems to think he's a nasty little horse thief and then Aragorn saves Faramir from being nastily injured by Grima and they all head back to Rivendell I'm figuring somewhere along the way Fara dear will need help getting out of torn wet clothes... and he doesn't have replacement clothes either:o And then Aragorn can take care of him properly:)

Oh, but if they take him to Rivendell, they can dress him in a nice Elven outfit! He'd look so pretty! With or without ribbons!
Yes, I do like were this is going...

--Iris 11 December 2005 13:54 (GMT)

Can there be nasty elveses too? Who are mean to him?

I'm planning on editing this chapter, including removing certain sections, notably changing what exactly happened to Faramir in minas Tirith. I'm doing this because I've been thinking of a route to take this thread and it struck me that what I was planning wouldn't work very well with the chapter as is.

Besides the other choice has ample scope for what I'm deleting and revising!

I hope no one had plans on this one.

--Bell Witch

I like the changes. I'm all bunnied, but will be waiting for others, as there seem to be many people with ideas for this. The other bunnies I have are chewing my socks already.

Glad you liked. Oh but if you're bunnied you must write. That was just me and Iris shooting those off:) Please, please do write. I'd love to see which direction this go in!

--Minx 20 December 2005 18:06 (GMT)