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Admin can protect a page, so only administrators can edit it. Normally, this function is reserved for technical pages such as system messages, but if you insist, we will also protect your chapter.

Do note that, even though they can, other users are not allowed to edit the chapters of other users. This is a general rule at this site, valid for all chapter pages, and we expect everyone to live by it (see: Wikiquette). People who break this rule can be banned, and any violated pages can always be restored to their original state (see: Vandalism). So there should be no reason for protecting a page. Still, if it will make you feel better, we'll protect if for you.

Also note that once a page has been protected, the administrators will not unprotect it, or edit it for you. So only ask for protection once you're absolutely perfectly happy with it.

To get your chapter page protected, write in the first line: Please get this page [[protected]]
Or anything of similar nature, as long as it links back to this page, so it shows up on What links here and admin can find it.